Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Special...

I am actually making two posts in one day..
1. I forgot to add the picture of my new Hummer! What do you think?

2. Please see the link below, its a must see regarding our current financial crisis!
3. Please see the Global Warming Post Below!


Janell said...

I LOVE the new Hummer!

Cliff said...

Nice wheels. Go fast.

Cliff said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the list below. It all sounds normal to me.
Except I don't do cigars anymore.
Me and Bill Clinton. Okay, me anyway.

Brooke said...

Wow! You will be stylin! Love the red...it will look great when you park it by the barn. Yep, red is your color! How has it been on gas? I hear they guzzle! ;)

Joe B said...

14MPG City, 17 Highway.
You don't buy one of these babies for the gas mileage. :-)