Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Confessions of a sinner...
I am sick and tired of hearing all this garbage about being Carbon Neutral. I am sick of hearing people talk about their own guilt they have for doing everyday things. I consider myself an average American, I get up everyday and go to work, have a wife, a son and a home with two cars and I keep my thermostat set to 70 degrees in the summer and 72 in the winter. But according to some of the Global Warming people out there, I am an evil polluter. I can't own an SUV anymore and keep my house nice and cool in the summer and "expect the world to stand for it". Since I am a sinner and apparently will be crossing the Global Warming River Styx when I kick the bucket, I thought I'd at least come clean and confess my sins to all of you. Here we go...

Bless me Al Gore (and LaDawn.. he he), for I have sinned. This is my first confession. "My Sins against the religion of Global Warming."
  1. I own two cars - Both are SUV's! Heather has a RX 350 and I recently traded my fuel efficient Audi A4 for a beautiful Red Hummer H3. I get a whopping 14 MPG (but I love the damn truck and so does little Joe.) I would never have bought a hummer had it not been for Leah Herrera. I rented one when I stayed at their house in May, ironically I liked it so much I bought it.
  2. I workout everyday - Working out is considered un-necessary by the Global Warming high priests. I burn electricity when I use a treadmill or a bike. I expend lots of my own energy which requires me to consume more to replenish my body which ultimately results in higher food consumption and more pollution and waste.
  3. I dry clean my work clothes
  4. We use a dryer for the rest of our laundry (not knocking those who enjoy hang drying, just those who do it for environmental reasons)
  5. Little Joe takes a bath every night - We fill the tub completely!
  6. I never unplug any appliances at night
  7. My wife works out
  8. I travel a lot - I am on a plane atleast once a month
  9. When traveling, I don't adhere to the plea to save the environment. I use my towels once and throw them on the floor to get replaced!
  10. Every light bulb in my house, with the exception of 2 are incandescent
  11. I only turn off my computer when I am on vacation. In other words, my computer is kept on for about 49 weeks per year.
  12. I drink bottled juices and waters - I try not to buy bottle water, only because its a waste not because of the environment. But I love Propel, Diet Pepsi Maxx and Fuze.
  13. I cut down 2 trees in my back yard this summer to make way for a fence. If that's not bad enough, the fence itself is a 6' privacy made of PVC!
  14. I breathe - Yes, every breath I takes emits harmful CO2 Pollutants into the planet. The occasional toot doesn't help the planet either.
  15. I barbeque about 3x per week
  16. I don't own an personal electricity meter to show much energy I or my appliances consume
  17. I love a good cigar!
  18. I am a Republican

What should I do for penance? Are these all bad things or do many of you do the same?


Janell said...

"Let you is without sin cast the first stone..."

My own confessions:
I love my Dodge Ram Quad cab which gets about 14 mpg. But I only drive it when I'm pulling the trailor.

We heat our home and water with propane.

I also breathe and -ahem- toot as well as belch.

I still trust more in Genesis 8:22 than in anything anyone on earth says.

Shirley said...

I'll confess -- I had to look the verse up. And. . .it starts out, "as long as the earth endures,". So the earth has to endure for the promise to be kept.

Joe -- you can have a fleet of Hummers and keep them running 24/7 I don't care. I'm older than you and I won't have to be around to suffer those consequences. It's the next generation that will be making their way through the mess that's being created. You don't have a stake in that do you? Oh, maybe so. . . you have a child, right?

Climate Change or Global Warming, whatever it needs to be called, is real.

Janell said...

I know the whole verse, and I still trust that the promise will be kept.

Joe B said...

Not sure you understand my position on this issue. Its pretty simple. I am not denying that the planet has warmed up a bit in the last 25 years (approx 1.5 degress I think). I simply don't believe my life style and habits are the root cause of it.
People try to say its a scientific fact that Global Warming is cause by man.
Here's the dirty little secret. There are as many scientist that beleive its NOT man made that do. I'll post a link to some data I found in a different post.
Have you noticed its not called Global Warming anymore and people are trying to call it Climate Change? Ever wonder why that is? The Global Warming crowd realizes that the planet is actually cooling over the next 7 years. Is man the cause of this? Answer: No. They don't know what's causng it. Therefore if we call it "Climate Change" we can attribute all weather events that are outside the norm to Man.

I was being a little sarcastic in my post. But I can site article after article that ultimately what the Global Warming crowd is after is Control and taxes.
Control your thermostat, the cars you drive, the water you drink, the number of kids you have, etc.

Another mis-conception is that people who don't believe "Man is the root cause of GW" are for less clean water, dirty air, fewer trees and green spaces and as many extinct animals as possible. Especially that damn spotted owl!

Truth is I recycle like everyone else, I don't go out of my way to save every scrap but my recycle bin is full every week when the trash collector comes around.

There is a economic play to this, the less energy you use the more money you can save. That's a reason to save energy, but guilt is not.