Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodness! Has it really been two months!?!
Let's see... what blogworthy things have I been doing...?

I got some new shoes.
The snow melted and the creek didn't flood.
I've been out riding Bubba a few times.
I started some hollyhocks, columbine and daisies in a makeshift 'greenhouse'. They are doing well, but need to be re-potted.
I planted some gladiolus, a dahlia, crocosmius and everlastig peas. (Haven't come up yet.) I planted some rhubarb roots, some of which have sprouted. And some Iris, which were already sprouted. The Iris are doing well, even thought they keep getting molested by the cats.
We had a spectacular thunderstorm for me to drive home in Friday night. The rain gauge says we got two inches that night.
A very kind music professor at Dana College is coaching my gospel quartet so I am learning new things about singing every week.. I love it!!

If you'd like to see some evidence of what else might be occupying my time, you can go here.

I'm still learning how to make the best use of the digital camera in my posession, but I still have better results with my 35 mm. Thought you might like these:

When I was at Dana last week the flowering crab were blooming like mad...

Don't they smell good? (Yes, these are from my 35 mm)

And congratulations to my blog-partner, Joe on the March 16 arrival of Alexander Gavin! Hoping he will post a pic or two here. The ones I got via snail mail are so CUTE!!

Okay, Cliff, now you don't have to come out here... I might come see you, tho. I need to go riding with Juli some time soon.