Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm so proud

My friend, Mark Lyon, is now a national celebrity.

Mark signed up to participate in "The Exteme Mustang Makeover." This was a competition where 100 horse trainers were each given a wild Mustang and 100 days to train it.

Mark won it hands down.

The link is to a video of his winning performance. You might be surprised to see that his saddle comes loose and he actually falls off during this performance, but watch the horse. When a saddle comes loose and slips to the side or under the belly, most horses will run off bucking and kicking until the saddle comes completely off - usually in several pieces, but Mark's horse stops and turns to Mark "awaiting further instruction," so to speak. This is a significant display of the trust this horse has in his trainer.

And oh, yeah - he also walks through fire for him.

The four year old horse's name is Christian - because he truly is born again.

Congratulations, Mark!

(The video is about 3 minutes)

Here is more info if you're interested:


Jim said...

Hi Janell -- Mrs. Jim said that Katrin herself was a walkin (you asked if Mrs. Jim was doing poodle grooming walkins).

Mark's horse is very pretty and well trained. My dad broke horses to ride.

I have a black Mustang. It also turns tight circles but the neighbors don't like the black tire marks it leaves on the street.

We keep our house set at 76 in the summer, 67 in the winter. I subscribe to TreeHugger Newsletters.
I would like to have a Hummer H2, I think they are nice, but only if they come with a V8 engine.

Jim said...

I have an award for you also. You saw it last Sunday but I didn't come here to tell you because the latest blog written wasn't yours.

So it is ready for you, you deserve it. Come get it whenever you can.

Janell said...

Thanks, Jim! Tell Mrs. J I'll be right over for a virtual haircut. My hair is really a mess.

And thanks for the award. Bless your heart.

Shirley said...

No one seemed willing to comment on Joe's sinful post, so i felt obligated. It's on his post.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray for Mark!!
A born again horse!!
Praise the Lord!!!

LaDawn said...

Love the video!