Monday, February 23, 2009

Here is an imagined conversation:

Me: Dear God, I’m trading in my Armor of God for the "Suit of Secularism." The Armor of God is too much for me. I can’t do it. So, instead of girding my loins with the Belt of Truth, I’m swapping for the "Thong of Lies." You recognize the Thong of Lies, don’t you? That’s the one that says, “Go ahead and satisfy your lusts. It doesn’t matter. No one will ever know. You can get away with it.”

God: You will know.
And I will know.

Me: And, instead of the Breastplate of Righteousness, I’m going to start wearing the “T-Shirt of Instant Gratification.” This T-shirt will help me to remain guilt-free while I am pursuing the fulfillment of all my earthly desires.

God: This is not really a very good idea. But you are always free to choose. I guaranteed that from the very Beginning.

Me: While I am at it, I am going to exchange my Shoes of the Gospel of Peace for the “Slippers of Contention.” Now, I can complain, gossip and criticize to my heart’s content.

God: That won’t make your heart content.

Me: I’ve had enough of trying to carry around this Shield of Faith. It’s heavy and cumbersome and a lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when they see me carrying it. So I’m going to put it down and take up this "Suitcase of Doubt." Everyone recognizes it and I don’t have to try and explain difficult questions.

God: Wow, if you thought the Shield of Faith was heavy, I can’t wait to see what happens when you pick up that "Suitcase of Doubt!"

Me: Uff Dah! That is a heavy son of a so-and-so! I think I’ll just put it down and leave it here while I finish getting dressed. I need to find my hat. Here it is – I’m taking off the Helmet of Salvation and from now on, I’ll wear the “Beanie of Good Works.” Wait a minute, it doesn’t fit very well, does it?

God: You will never be able to find one big enough to cover all of your transgressions. That’s why I sent my Son to the Cross. Trust me on this one.

Me: You know what else? I’m getting rid of this Sword of the Spirit. It hurts people’s feelings and it would be much easier and I could be a lot more popular if I went around with the “Weapon of Mass Reconstruction.” The one that rewrites history, so that the thoughts and ideas of the people from the past get in line with our modern, progressive views on personal choice and the ‘fine line’ between good and evil.

God: Well… good luck with that. But it seems to me that it shows a tremendous amount of disrespect towards the people who designed and financed the monuments that represent those historical, “old fashioned” notions.

Me: Okay, well, it looks like I’m all dressed and ready to go. You know, this "Thong of Lies" is pretty uncomfortable… it’s riding up on me and, well, that’s all you need to know about that. And this "T-Shirt of Instant Gratification" is covered with stains and has gotten holes in it already. It’s way too small. And look how threadbare it is. I don’t think it’s going last much longer. These "Slippers of Contention" fit me pretty well, but they are kind of ugly, aren’t they? This "Suitcase of Doubt" is really heavy. So is the "Weapon of Mass Reconstruction." I don’t think I can carry both of them. I’ll have to leave one of them here and come back for it when I get where I’m going.

God: So… where are you going, all dressed up like that?

Me: That’s a good question…. This particular outfit came without a map.

Based on Ephesians 6:11-17

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts...
I am working on a post about my trip to China.. there is more to that place than the great wall, but I haven't gotten all my pictures downloaded yet (been busy working). But there is a very ugly side to the country, makes me un-comfortable..
In the mean time, a couple of cool links... Very interesting stuff to watch.. Is this the beginning of the silent majority come back?

Revolution in Chicago

This is going to piss the PETA off!

For the National Security Crowd...

Amazing Video's from Iraq. These are real videos, some warning on graphic.

The China post I am putting together is related to its infrastructure, restaurant menu's and productivity.

Happy Friday!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes We Can!!...Pass a $787 Billion Dollar "Stimulus" (Pork) Package...

Sorry for the long post..

John Boehner, House Minority Leader Today on the floor of the house...

Democrats Delay Bill Release to Conceal Details (via Drudge)

  • How about this for Transparency....I support Stimulus, but this is not Stimulus.. For those of you who want to stay informed and hear the hype and platitudes of BHO.
  • Not even the President himself knows what's in this Bill... They are claiming transparency, how can they be transparent when they finalize a Bill literally under cover of darkness and release it with little debate.
Get the facts...

  • Link to the House appropriations's comittee website, unlike BHO's website which is still in campaign/propaganda mode this website is purely 100% factual and updated by congressional comittee

Highlights...But of course to Blind BHO Supporters, I am just being a racist right wing hate monger...

  • There’s $2 billion for impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s FutureGen near-zero emissions power plant project
  • $300 million for “green” golf carts for government workers
  • $30 million for “smart appliances”
  • $65 million for digital TV coupons
  • $9 billion for school construction was added back in (originally cut )
  • $5 billion was added to the state fiscal stabilization fund (originally cut)
  • $1 billion was added back for Prevention & Wellness Programs, including STD education
  • $2 billion for neighborhood stabilization program
  • Neighborhood stabilization” according to Michelle Malkin is "slush fund money [that] will end up in the pockets of left-wing shakedown artists such as ACORN and the Massachusetts-based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), led by self-proclaimed “bank terrorist” Bruce Marks"
  • There’s an additional $3.25 billion in HUD grants and Community Development Block Grants
  • $2 billion for the National Parks Service

The good news is, not a single Republican in the house voted for the Bill. In FACT, 7 Dems voted No. So again, opposition to the bill was actually bi-partisan, Support was not...But annointed President will get credit, somehow, for being bi-partisan. Almost all the Senate Republican's voted NO except for a couple of turn coats (Collins, Snow and Specter). When this Bill fails to stimulate the economy, and it will fail, this can be 100% hung around the dems necks.

  • - This is a copy of the Executive Summary. Much easier read, funniest part. Last bullet in Section I of page 2 under "Unprescedented Accountability" says... "There are no earmarks in this Bill". If you read the whole section, you will see there is no accountability. But the title sounds good! When you add up the last section of page 2 under "Modernize, Roads Bridges and Water Ways" we are only spending $93 Billion in infrastructure, that's about 11% for you Obama Supporters. Wasn't infrastructure the purpose of the bill? It would have been $94B, but they cut $1B yesterday.
  • - This is an oder version of the Bill, its only 647 pages. I reckon if you read about 5 pages you are probably more informed than the average member of congress.
  • Anything good in the Bill, I'll give it some credit. There's about 8 Billion for DOD facilities, but some of that is pork. Funding for Child Support Enforcement (not sure if $1B is needed, but its there). $4B to support hiring of state and local law enforcement, about 13,000 cops for 3 years. Bad News, locale has to pay for fourth year before paying 100% of cost or they can lay them off...

For anyone thinking I am just sour grapes, I opposed Bush's Stim Bill back in May 2008 (approximately $145 Billion) and opposed TARP (1 and 2 were both disasters). There is no urgency here, this is not the Great Depression. We are not even close to the recession of 1981. That was double digit unemployment, inflation and 25% Interest rates. Reagan just took office from Carter. The irony here is...the economy will probably recover on its own within the next 12 months, we are predicting upswings at my company by early 2010. In all of our forecasts, we don't take into account the Govt.! Let me steal one of the Liberal Anti-war terms used last year and especially 2007. I Support the President, but not his policies (remember: I support the Troops, but not the mission)



f-Stop Friday Special for Valentine's Day
New Families:

Just in case you didn’t know…

St. Valentine was a priest who lived and served the church during the two-year reign of Claudius II (268-270 AD). Emperor Claudius was of the opinion that single men made better soldiers, so he outlawed marriage. Is it any wonder that he was only emperor for 2 years?

Father Valentine, who had more respect for God’s Laws than for Claudius’, got caught performing marriages in secret and was imprisoned for his “crime.” And sentenced to death. While in jail, it is said he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote to her faithfully and signed his letters, “From Your Valentine.”

Above picture is the family of our friends, Jim and Kelli. We were privileged to attend their wedding (the second marriage for both) back in December. It was a beautiful wedding and I had the great fun of being able to videotape it for them.

My daughter, Emily was a bridesmaid in a wedding last December. It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever seen.

The bridesmaids all wore the same color (Regency Purple), but the bride was gracious enough to let each one choose her own style. They all looked absolutely lovely! (Especially Emily… well, duh!)

Sarah chose five of her friends to be bridesmaids and Randy had three groomsmen: his dad served as Best Man, his brother and Sarah’s brother were the other Groomsmen. Here is the wedding party:

A note of explanation: Yes, Randy is shorter than his bride because his leg growth is stunted by brittle bone disease and he spends most of his time in a wheel chair. He was, however, able to achieve his goal of walking to the altar. The facts of this condition are irrelevant to Sarah. When the Pastor said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” Sarah actually jumped up and down for joy! It was an awesome thing to see.

The night before the wedding, Emily stopped my heart when she came to me and said, “Will you be able to help me with my hair tomorrow?” Now, folks; I own one comb and a blow dryer, so you know hair styling is NOT one of my God-given talents. I made an emergency call to my friend Joani, who graciously carved out an hour or so to fix Em’s hair. Don’t you think she looks beautiful?

Here she is with Randy and his First Wife:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and your Valentines!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Great Wall Photo's...
Its 6 am Wednesday and I've been up for two hours. Got back from China about 4:30 pm central. I was tired enough to fall asleep at 11:30 pm. But I was stupid not to take an adjusting sleeping pill despite my fatigue. Result, wide awake at 4 am.
These pics are better than my camera phone pics. Janell, it was great talking to you.

I forgot what this section of the wall was called, something like Mui Tang Yu (Phonetic Spelling). Its about an hour ride NW of Beijing, I took a car there Sunday Morning (Sat night US) Feb 8th. Once there you take a ski lift about 500 feet up to the wall, once there you are free to walk about 4 miles in either direction. I chose to walk West, since I did East on my first visit. The wall is very steep at some points, the pics barely capture that. One point was more like a ladder than a wall. Once you are ready to leave, you have three choices. You can walk down, take the lift down or toboggan. I chose the toboggan run. What a blast, its very quiet up there sur-real and beautiful. Makes you think about home. Once you are off the wall, that all goes away quickly. The local vendors are very very pushy. I bought very little there because they are so pushy, I'd rather pay and can afford higher prices some where else. This is all relative, higher prices mean $4 rather than $2 for certain souvenirs. All in all, a productive business trip. The wall was a bonus.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OSM readers get two-fers today. The first is from Joe:

Is this the Change we can believe in?

Yes we can? While in China, I am unable to make posts to OSM. Its probably due to the Chinese censoring. At any rate, couple of interesting stories. So I emailed this to Janell and she is posting it for me. (Note from Janell: I can't seem to get Joe's live links to post, although I was able to download the texts of the stimulous package and the TARP bill from his eamil. Your really ought to track them down and have a look.)

1. Obama Bumps head on Marine One. Remember when Bush did this? Remember the media Frenzy and the so called analysts and die hard liberals saying that this was just another sign of how stupid Bush is? How out of touch he is and how he is in his own little world, so much so that he doesn't think he can bump his head? Now, Obama bumps his little old head and you barely hear a peep from the news. Enjoy!

2. Speaking of Obama and headache's, I assume all of you have heard something about the so called "Stimulus Bill". I've been able to follow it closely, especially with extra time on my hands. Have any of you ever read a version of a senate or House Bill? Well, if you never have allow me to help. I found the bill and actually downloaded it. Thought I would post here on OSM for all of you to read. Send it to all of your friends. The file is not that large, despite being 785 pages! Open it up and browse it, here is what I found. I literally could not stop reading this thing, its amazing how dumb it reads! Below is the table of contents (for any Obama voters reading this, those are Roman Numerals before each title). You have to read how some of the money is being sent. Its crazy!. This is not a stimulus package! As you read the table of contents below or the actual document itself, you'll notice billions upon billions of dollars appear to be going to existing programs. Most I never heard of. If we are simply maintaining a program, how is this stimulus? This is spending $800 Billion dollars of your tax money! Oh yeah, and while I was at it, just for fun, I looked up the TARP bill. Its also attached (that's even crazier than the 09 Stimulus Bill)






















2008 TARP Bill.pdf (590KB)

2009 Stimulus Bill.pdf (1301KB)

On Thursday or Friday will post more wonderful pics from Great wall and describe my visit to Beijing!

And here's your Ruby Tuesday offering from Janell:

I don't have grandchildren, but I do have several greatnieces and greatnephews.

This is my greatnephew, Brooks, having a football lesson from my niece,Kim. Aren't they cute?

Catch it, Brooks!

They were here for Thanksgiving.

(No, he didn't catch it that time, but he came awfully darn close!)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

My Blog partner Joe B, is celebrating his 36th birthday on the Great Wall. Guess what he had for supper? Yup - Mandarin food.

Joe, when you come to see us in Nebraska, we'll make you a proper Redneck birthday party with smoked brisket, scalloped potatoes, chocolate cake and home made ice cream.

And margaritas... or the spirits of your choice.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Here's one for Shelby:

She came to see what I had for Ruby Tuesday yesterday, and I let her down. So I'm posting one of my favorites from my personal collection. This is Bubba (on the left) and his mother, Jasmine in '99 or so. Today (Feb 4) is the anniversary of the day I had to have Jasmine euthanized, so I was thinking about her today. Here is a poem by Stanley Garrison that I like:

Somewhere, somewhere, in time's own space,
There must be some sweet pastured place.
Where creeks sing on and soft winds blow,
Some Paradise, where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen,
I know great horses live again.

PS Make sure you scroll down and see Joe's post for today, too!
Catchin Up!
Personal & Economic...
How have you all been? Let's catch up shall we? Janell & gang I miss you. I really do! Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year were great. There is nothing more beutiful than seeing a 2 year old open his christmas gifts. We've been having so much fun with little Joe, its great.

I have been working like crazy since Nov. Basically, I've been deeply involved in restructuing activities. Specifically in Europe and China. This means we have to get our cost in control, the biggest cost is people (and they are expensive over there). I am not proud of it, but if we are top heavy we are top heavy. Lots of people had to go, so that the company can stay afloat. Most were Europeans, so atleast they won't have to worry about Healthcare.

I love it when people say, we need to do the right thing and not lay anyone off. I'll never know how close I came to losing my own job, but I was prepared for it. We also laid off a few folks in North America, I can't profile people who got let go. But there does seem to be less Obama bumper stickers in the parking lot... he he. Don't worry, he'll save them! I can't tell any of you directly what company I work for, but any of you that know Janell can ask via email. Has the economy impacted many of you, I can say it impacted me. I am not happy about it. In December my company announced no raises in 2008 (I know I would have gotten one based on my performance) and no 401K match. This amounts to a 4% Pay cut, really sucks! Bonuses, Gonzo! Tough to get a bonus when you lose a couple hundred million dollars as a division. Some people in our company got / will get their bonuses. Deservingly so I might add, even within companies that lose money there are people that earned bonuses based on their contributions. Hey, atleast we are not using bailout money.

Leaving for Beijing Wednesday, feb 4th. Going for a week, going to really miss little Joe and Heather. Completely un-related note, I got a great bumper sticker for my Hummer. It reads "Carbon Neutral" on the back. Speaking of which, is it cold or what. Somebody call Al Gore, we need some of that warming!

Politics - Ahhh... the juicy stuff.
In case you were wondering, my disappearance was not a direct result of the election. I've been dying to post on all the stuff going on. So much has happened I forgot stuff I wanted to share... How do you all think the annointed one is doin as prez? Am I being racist by making fun of him? Its easy to critisize the man at the top, but its not so easy once you are there! "But give him some time, we should respeect him for atleast 100 days"... Its tradition! I didn't start following politics until after the 2000 election (I voted Gore) and was shocked how people tried to destroy Bush from Day 1. I am not 43's #1 fan, but he was a decent Prez. I am unhappy with him because he went real soft at the end there and paved the way for 44 to nationalize and socialize.
Couple of observations, I am sure you've heard them before...

The Transition:
Bill Richardson had to withdraw his nomination as commerce secretary because of a "Pay for Play Scandal" very similar to Govener (former) Blagojevich. Obama's education nominee cannot speak proper grammar. The Treasury nominee doesn't pay taxes. The nominee for attorney general worked in the pardon office under President Clinton and admits/claims he didn't know anything about pardons of terrorists. Obama's top terrorism advisor was involved in a security breach (Sandy Berger). Our new Secretary of State's husband, wild Bill, received dubious monies from the chinese and Saudi's.
The administration in Power:...
By authorizing the closure of Gitmo, we grant terrorists more rights than we gave the Governor of Illinois (I am not defending him here, but the point is valid). That very same day, Obama moved to take away the rights of the unborn by funding abortions overseas. So I guess we value terrorists more than unborn children. Nice! We nominate and confirm a Treasury Secretary who doesn't pay taxes, only to be followed by a Health and Human Services Secretary who evaded his taxes(Daschle) He withdraws under pressure. Then Obama's Chief Performance Officer, whatever that is, withdraws her nomination because she forgot to pay taxes. He pushes a "bi-partisan stimulous package" which is really a pork bill. The $850 infrasturcure bill is only about 10% infrastructure and the rest is pork. It passes the house, but the word "bi-Partisan is mis-leading." Every republican, along with 12 democrats voted against the bill and only Democrats passed the bill. So the bi-partisanship was against the bill not for it!

The president actually said in an interview, that "now is not a time for profits!" He specifically chastizes Rush Limbaugh and comments on a company that spent $1.2 million on a bathroom. What people don't know is that bathroom was actually paid for in Jan of 2008, before the company failed and received any TARP money. Oh by the way, the Obama's hired the same decorator as Merill Lynch to re-decorate the White House. Companies that took government bailouts, Automakers and Banks alike, are all shocked that the Federal government is telling them they can't hand out bonuses and buy jets. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people, but this is the exact reason we should have let them run into the ground, GM included! So you people that want "free" healthcare, look at the example here. Government "gives" you something, don't think it won't have strings attached!
Nancy Pelosi says that "Family Planning Services" ... Uggh.. Abortions.. actually help control costs. They manage to pass, and Obama signs into law, the new SChip Bill. Makes people feel good, because we are giving free healthcare to "Children". Well, dirty little secret is.. We expanded the definition of Children to 23 Years of age and don't require ID's and illegals can take advanage of the program. We funded this of course by raising the cigarette tax, we all know who this has the biggest impact on. The poor! Did I forget to mention that Barney Frank, House Finance Comittee Chair, said that "free markets don't work". Nice.

I feel better, got a load off with that rant. Will post pictures from China this week. How are you all doing? Sorry I didn't spell check, its late.