Friday, October 17, 2008

f-Stop Friday

A FACE in the grass:

Here is some more of him:

And here are some of his half siblings:

Pretty cute, huh?

Note to some of my new friends: I share this blog with my friend Joe in Chicago. He is the one who got the new Hummer - I'm only wishing it was me! If you look at the bottom of the post, you can tell who wrote it. It says "Posted by Joe" or "Posted by Janell".

Happy Friday, everyone!


Jim said...

I like that guy and his half sisters. I'll bet he doesn't go for that big yellow tag in his ear. Who put that on him?
At first I thought maybe it was a price tag like the one that Mini Pearl always wore on her hat.

Sorry about the Hummer, it sounded good to me! I wish too you had one. I'd like a Hummer. The little one.

cdroses said...

Just one word


Marla said...

The face in the grass is handsome! See F things are very hard photos, I think!

Cliff said...

Cute stuff Janell. I explained the hats down below.

Scarlet said...

Loved the face in the grass and the faces of his siblings.

The Hummer isn't bad either. I had no idea you shared this blog with a "Joe." I'll have to look closely to see who posts what from now on.

Jamie Dawn said...

I can see that this post was "posted by Janell," so I am leaving a comment for Janell.


That little mooer is SOooo cute!
I love cow eyes. They are so big and innocent looking.
I'd like to pet that little feller.

Great pics!

Happy Sunday, Janell, and I hope you have a very good week!!

Myrnagj said...

Does 7-9 come from the spaceship Enterprise? It seems one of them had a character called Seven of Nine.

Janell said...

Jim; His owner tags all the calves that are born. I'm not exactly sure what the numbers mean.

Cindy - yeah, me too.

Marla;Keep looking - you'll find them!

Cliff; thanks. And congratulations on your new augur. I hope they gave yo a hat!

Scarlet; I'm glad you liked it. Joe is a good blogger. I wish he had more time for it.

Jamie D. yes they are really cute, but a little on the wild side. They don't stand still for petting. Niether do their mommas.

Myrna; good question! But no, 7-9 didn't get beamed down from the Enterprise. He is a native earthling.

Joe B said...

Janelle, you are going to hate this. But I think of Hamburgers!

Janell said...

Joe; no I don't hate that! I love hamburgers. And T-bones.

Sue said...

My guess on the tag numbers is that they identify Mama & Papa.

Brooke said...

So beautiful! I never thought I could fall in love with a cow! Awwww!

nora said...

I'm with Jamie Dawn....awwwwwe....pretty things.