Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby Tuesday by Janell

We haven't been to a football game this year, but we did get to go to see the Volleyball girls play. They're awesome.

This is the floor of The Coliseum where they play their home games.

I had a few shots of the girls, but the light was so low they look terrible, so I'm settling for posting the floor.

Well, come now. You knew a Husker fan participating in the Ruby Tuesday postings would eventually have to do something on the UNL teams didn't you?

And Bo Pellini wasn't available to pose.


Smooth Sailing said...

Hello...My name is Korin. I'm an old friend of Scarlet in Miami. I live in Louisiana now. Saw your blog and after I read your "greeting"...I just knew I needed to follow your blog. I too like to annoy the "stupidity" in this country!

Pray that we outnumber the "other group"....

Janell said...

Welcome to OSM, Korin!

Yes, I'm praying fervantly that we will outnumber them! Though I don't think of anyone as stupid - just horribly misled.

cdroses said...

"Carrot top" (aka "Dr. Tom," "T.O.") is no longer a redhead, so that doesn't help either! :)

Go Huskers!

Joe B said...

Go Nebraska!

Sue said...

My favorite sport to watch is volleyball. My favorite team is, of course, the Husker volleyball girls. When I can watch them on TV, everything else is put on hold.


Jim said...

I'm not doing Ruby this week, I am in Guatemala.

Brooke said...

Yeahy! I love the floor shot! I would have never guessed. I thought it was on a wall!


Marla said...

I was wondering when you would post Husker Red! If I was posting ruby Tuesday, that would have been my first post!

Rachel said...

Great picture there Janell. I thought it was the wall...but nice floor!!

Ralph said...

I knew it was only matter of time before Big Red would surface.

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Nice Ruby Tuesday photo.

Volleyball is my favorite sport.
I played from Junior High through High School, then played on city leagues up until about about five years ago. Volleyball rocks!!!!!!

I hope you ate some chocolate today.
I did, and it was gooooood.


Janell said...

Cindy: I forgot that TO was redhead! How could I?
Joe, Sue & Jim: Yay! I second the GO BIG RED!!!

Jim - I am looking forward to your report on your Guat. trip.

Brooke - Thanks! I see the Husker football team lost big today, but the VB girls still won. They must have known I was bragging them up today.

Okay, maybe not....

Marla & Ralph: I know it took me awhile, but I do indeed LOVE my Huskers!

Thanks, Rachel! If you visit us in the Autumn someday, maybe we can all go to a game together!

Jamie D. I had to quit playing VB a long time ago. Those "bumps" started KILLING my wrists. OUCH! Guess I'm a wimp. I'm glad you enjoyed playing it for as long as you did.
Yes, I had some chocolate today. Even though we live - literally - in the middle of nowhere and we have never gotten ONE trick-or-treater, several bags of those little "funsize" candy bars make their way into our home and we gobble them up.

Jerry said...

I went to a 4-team volleyball playoff in Omaha (at Qwest Ctr) a few years ago and the Nebraska women won. They are huge! It was a lot of fun anyways.