Monday, October 27, 2008

Howard Stern Chimes In from Joe
Obviously I am not usually an everyday poster, but there is just so much out there...I may make an exception this week.

I'll admit I used to be a Howard Stern fan. In the early 2000's I stopped listening to him for political talk radio. But you have to listen to this piece he recently did. Its great. I must warn you there is swearing, but you will be surprised at the outcome (maybe not).


Kendra said...

lol lol lol i did that to my friends or something similar so what i did was i asked my friends(who are mostly black) why they are voteing for obama. to be nice i gave them options and everytime i'd say "A. he's black B. he thinks the war wasnt a bad idea or C. because my parents are voteing for him. now most of them said B but some were honest and said C nobody said A.
love, kendra

Janell said...

Joe; Bizarre.

Kendra; also bizarre.

Cliff said...

This is the biggest show of racism I've ever seen. They want to say we're racist if we don't vote for Obama yet they know nothing about their candidate except that's he's half black.