Monday, September 14, 2009

Not long ago, someone commented to me that I’m “always busy.” It made me wonder what “not busy” would look like in my life.

I wouldn’t be so busy if….

…I didn’t have a Bible to read the first thing every morning.

…I didn’t have a devoted husband to spend weekend days with.

….I didn’t have a daughter to help get settled in a new apartment.

… I didn’t have a son to talk things over with.

…I didn’t have two horses to ride… feed… water… clean up after… how sad would that be?

… I didn’t have Bible verses to memorize.

… I didn’t have a precious friend who sends me her newly published books to read.

… I didn’t have a brother who is glad to see me when ever I drop in.

… I didn’t have sisters, nieces and nephews to blog-visit.

… I had no flowers to water.

… I didn’t have a friend giving me excess tomatoes from his garden to can.

… I didn’t have blog buddies to keep up with.

… I didn’t have a job to keep me occupied Monday through Friday.

… I didn’t have a new recipe to try.

… I didn’t have a quilt to finish.

… I didn’t have a camera and images to make with it.

… I didn’t have awesome music cd’s to listen to.

… I didn’t have a good church to attend and a great preacher to listen to.

… I wasn’t singing with a Gospel Quartet.

And since I am not ready to give any of those things up, I guess I’ll be content to be busy.

And that’s all I can think of right now.

What would “not busy” look like for you?