Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

A couple of headless hats.

This one came with my truck from the dealer. I kind of like the falme effect it has going.

This one came from Peck Manufacturing in Herman, Nebraska. It's where my husband works. They make grain augurs and sell them through several implement dealers in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and Illinois.

(Sorry, Paul. I know you'd rather see them on heads. If you and your first wife were here, I would have put you under these hats. They'd have looked much better.)


Jamie Dawn said...

That first hat is totally cool... or I guess hot since it has flames on it.

I don't wear ball caps, but I do like hats very much.

Happy Day to YOU!!


Sue said...

I wear a lot of different caps when I play golf. Keeps me from getting sunburned on top of my head. I don't wear "farmer hats".
They look dorky on women.

Marla said...

I am not a hat person, but I sure do have alot of caps around this place.

Jim said...

Hi Janell, that first one is pretty fancy for a Dodge.
Did the Behometh dealer give you a hat when you got the Hummer? Maybe it wasn't red. (I'd have shown it anyway.)
The candles were missing from the cake.

Scarlet said...

I'd wear that first hat, but I agree, they'd both look better on Paul and his first wife. ;)

Janell said...

Jamie Dawn; I like the hat you're wearing in your profile pic - looks good on you!

Sue; Did you know see the High School golf tourney in Norfolk? The girl who won - Mikayla Anderson from Fremont - is a friend of mine who works at Hy Vee.

Marla; I have two or three that I wear, but we have a whole bunch, too. Randy never throws any pf them away even after he stops wearing them.

Jim; I didn't get a Hummer; that was my blog partner, Joe. He probably did get a hat, tho.

Scarlet; you should never cover up your hair with any kind of a hat!

Cliff said...

Depending on the imperfections in the wood under the hats...Paul could put them up as a couple of 'knot' heads from Nebraska.
I just bought another Peck auger. I've done that several times in my life.

Paul Nichols said...

You're right: Those are cool hats, but they gotta be on somebody's head. You might wanna visit My Hats Blog. I just posted a new picture and it's a dandy.