Monday, December 03, 2007

‘Tis the Season

It started coming down around 1 Saturday morning. I heard it hitting the window. Sleet sounds just like somebody’s standing outside aiming a sandblaster at your house, only colder.
So the first weekend in December, when we had three events planned: a family dinner at noon on Saturday, Community theatre production Saturday evening and a church supper Sunday evening, begins with an ice storm.

And so it goes…

Sue, the sis who was hosting the family dinner, had the good sense to postpone the gathering for a week, so we were spared the hitonius 70 mile drive through the sleet in the morning.

But everyone knows that “The show must go on.” Like the postal service, “Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night” nor even the threatened lack of audience can cancel a small town community theatre production. So we went on. I thought it a good decision, considering the number of people and their schedules involved, it would have been nearly impossible to reschedule and keep everyone in the show. It was a bit of a white-knuckle drive to town from where I live, but slow and easy does it. One conversation concluded with, “No matter how many or how few people we get, we’ll just do our best and have a good time with it.” The little old city auditorium was set for 60 people and, by golly, we had over a hundred! Silver Creek Vineyards provided a selection of wines for our attendees and the Right Next Door Coffee Bar offered concessions of decaf, hot cocoa, teas, etc. By some miracle, the sleet had switched over to rain at some point in the late afternoon, so the drive home was a lot less treacherous than the one in and the whole day ended with a big PHEW!! (Note to Beverly - thanks for getting me involved. I enjoyed it tremendously! Note to Cliff: You're the best.)

Early Sunday morning, I awoke to a thin powdery snow falling on the place. So after morning chores, I just snuggled down with hot coffee and went to blog church, which requires no driving, instead of church in town.

We spent the evening at the church supper, which was not your ordinary potluck. Randy is serving on the Elder board and a small group of people puts on an appreciation dinner for elders, Pastors and church staff. But the great thing is that they make a gourmet prime rib dinner. I’m telling you, one of the cooks is an amateur chef and what he can do with a prime rib roast is absolutely DIVINE!

All in all, not a bad weekend, considering the icy start.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Sounds like a great weekend actually. I woke up yesterday and said to my wife, I wonder how the show in Tekamah went. I talked to Cliff yesterday to find out. Sounds like it a great success.
I have finally gotten around to adding you to my links - hope that is okay.

Sue said...

I really wanted to come to the show. Darn weather.

Janell said...

Sue - thanks for thinking of it. Maybe next time.

Mary Connealy said...

I was flying on Saturday and I spend about one and a half hours sitting on the runway in Milwaukee waiting to take off.
When they said we were going, and I look out at this white runway, I was tempted to go knock on the cabin door and ask if the passengers could vote on the decision to go.
But they know their job, right????
I got an online interview out of the visit to Barbour and you can find it through my blog if you wanna hear my voice. :)
Stampede time, yeah right.

Cliff said...

AHhh, nice of you to mention me J. Yeah I really liked the weekend, Having two cars from Lincoln and one car from Omaha full of family who made the afternoon trip to watch the show made it special to me.
Great Director and Players. It was a good 'trip'.

Sue said...

Did anyone tape the show? If so maybe you could borrow it and bring it Saturday. We have both the old fashioned player or the cd player.

Janell said...

No, we didn't get it taped. It would be hard to get a good video with good sound in that auditorium.