Saturday, December 08, 2007

If you are praying person, please visit here and be ready to pray on Monday.


Paul said...

I'll do my best to pray at 3:30 Monday. I'll pray before that, too. Let us know who things go.

cooper said...

Hi Janel,
Yup, I found the post on Mary's site first. 3:30 today. Ironically, I have a painter friend Doug Genschmer, who is having his first radiation treatment for a wierd kind of leukemia at Mayo today as well. He and his wife Carolyn are good people--if your prayer list has a bit of room, add them?
Also, you gave me an early morning smile: your comment about the little exclamation point with the dots spinning/jumping around it. What a great description! But I knew exactly what you meant, and the fact that there are at least two of us in the world who would describe html that way should scare the basic computer geek into a Monday-fit-of-nerves, eh?
Thanks for sharing!

cooper said...

oops, spell check: weird