Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicago, Buenos Aires, Chicago, London, the beach, Houston, India, Chicago, Brazil, Cleveland, Miami, Chicago….

Hello everyone, have you noticed my disappearance from OSM? I am sorry I haven’t been around, but I have good reason. I have so much stuff to share with you, but almost need a ghost write to get it on OSM. But here is a feeble attempt. I saw a great Bud Light commercial where the news casters cut a half hour news cast to 9 seconds so they can go get a beer. In that spirit, here I go. I actually shared a slide with my boss to summarize my activities and it went a little like this.

Barabas’ first 90 days [in the new global director role].
Miles Flown – 51,000+
Nights in a hotel – 22
Nights on a airplane – 12
Where did I go and what I did (Leaving work stuff out for OSM Readers). All travel is from Miami by the way.

Chicago – Met the boss for the first face to face meeting
Buenos Aires – had to conduct a strategy session, took a day off went touring. Great steak and wine in BA and one my favorite places (By the way, I did a littel tango while there...
Chicago – Went house hunting with the family, and worked. We looked a forty houses and put an offer on one and got it!

Dolpins - Bills Football Game - Went there with a friend, great seats. Dolpins lost of course. Was actually home for a week! (I am on the left)
London – What’s the point of saying anything about work, my highlight was clearly dinner with LaDawn and Marc and getting her mom’s pissed off about my ballet comments. But I also worked a lot there.
Thanksgiving at the beach – Again, home with the fam. Lovin life, we took little joe to the beach and dinner on the patio. High was 83!

Houston – This trip sucked, I had to go to Houston at the last minute to get my visa for India. I took a 6 am flight from Miami and came back the same night. Houston is great. The airport is of course George H.W. Bush International. That was a warm welcome to me. I also had lunch at the hardrock café and did a little sight seeing. But most of the day was spent working and doing conference calls from a starbucks while waiting for my visa. By the end of the day, I was getting free coffee! Rest assured, I sent Leah a pic of the GWB statue!

New Dehli – Wow. 8 hr flight to Frankfurt to Mia, 8 hr layover in Frankfurt – I hopped on a train and went downtown Frankfurt to get a bratwurst and beer of course, then back to the airport for an 8 hr flight to Dehli. The Market is unbelievable, the poverty is almost indescribable and the contrast is very stark. Every spoiled American (even the Americans who think they are poor but have cell phones, cable tv’s and cars) should spend a day there and appreciate the homeland
Chicago – had a global meeting, for the first two days. On the third day I had to close on the new house. My wife stayed in Mia. I had power of attorney so I had to sign everything three time!! Flew into and out of a ice storm
Brazil – Went to Sao Paulo on Sunday night (12/14). My 9:00 flight was canceled, I had the 11:45 which took off 2 hrs late. I landed, went straight to the office.. Off to dinner after a revised agenda. Checked into hotel and went back out with the team. Trafic in SP Sucks! Has to be worst on planet (actually India is worse). Flew home Tuesday night and home by Wed 5:45 am. I met another blogger at the airport and we exchanged (maybe she’s reading now?).
Cleveland (12/19) – I landed this morning, slept an hour kissed the baby who I miss. Got up around 7. Got ready, took my wife and son to the airport. I am at work now to take care of some responsibilities. Have to go home, finish packing and back to the airport I go to spend Christmas in Cleveland.
Miami – Back to Miami on Dec 28th
Chicago – Movers come to pack our house up on Jan. 8th and load on the 9th. On Jan 10th, I am no longer a Floridian and back to a Chicagoan.

Its gottent to a point where I actually am beginning to recognize flight attends, customs agents and most scary other passengers. So OSM friends and family, forgive me for my absence. I warned Janelle that I do this from time to time. But I miss you all dearly and Merry Christmas!!!!


Joe B said...

Couple of adds. I had to get 4 vaccinations to go to India (Hep A, B, Thphoid and Japanese Encephilitos) and took malaria pills before, during and 1 week after the trip

Of course along the way, I spread american cheer!

Janell said...

WHEW! Joe - I sure enjoy reading about your travels, but mercy - you must be the Prince of Jet Lag?

And thank you for your condolences.
I hope your move to Chicago goes off without a hitch. And my two favorite pics are of you & LDCP and the one of little Joe on the beach. Was that really taken in November? I don't see any snow?!
Wait. I forgot.
It doesn't snow in Fla.

LaDawn said...

I've never had my photo taken at Heathrow airport before! Not bad for a phone camera. Shame about my camera battery.

I knew I was travelling too much when a flight attendant I saw often on my flight to South Korea gave me an in flight pillow with my very own flannel pillow cover as a birthday present. I've still got the cover and it reminds me not to travel so much!

Good luck with the move!

Mary Connealy said...

Sure, you're busy, but I need to run to the Onawa, Iowa library or risk getting an over due charge, so we all have hectic lives.

cdroses said...

And I thought my life's schedule was insane!
Seriously jealous of all the travel though :)
Praying for all to go well with your upcoming move.

Jim said...

Hi Joe -- Thanks for that rundown. You certainly are a busy guy. I'm glad you liked Houston, we live 56 or so miles north of the dowtown Houston Hardrock. Where there are hills. And closer to the IAH (Bush).

If in Austria or Germany, for sure "a bratwurst and beer of course." We were in Bordouex at a sidewalk cafe once. Mrs. Jim had something nice and wine to go with it.
I asked the wait person what kind of wine would go good with my hot dog. He said have a beer, not wine. The best French hot dog is a sausage in a hollowed out bagel. So beer of course.
BTW, since I started regulary reading the blog, this is my first to read your post up-to-date, the rest were archieves.
So, Hello Joe.

Joe B said...

Ladawn, your camera died but you did have some pics to send me? I am still waiting...

Over the weekend I'll post some pics of india and a couple more from Argentina. I have an interesting video of street beggers who were only about 4 yrs old in Argentina.

CD thanks for the well wishes and again my best wishes to you.

And Jim, I am glad you enjoyed. I will try to be more consistent in my posting, atleast once per week.

I love those hollowed out bagels, I don't remember what they are called but they're excellent and Beer is the best way to go.

All that traveling and I don't go to the library. good point!!

stephanie said...

Hey Janell,

With Joe as a contributor, you need to change your blog title from One Square Mile to One Round Planet.

Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore.