Monday, December 10, 2007

During the last ice storm, we discovered that our satellites become unreliable, especially the internet receiver. Since all available sources are predicting ice and snow for approximately the next 24 hours, I thought I’d check in with a short joke so everyone would know I’m (probably) still alive and kickin’.

A guy gets in a terrible car accident and is taken by ambulance to a nearby Catholic Hospital. In the emergency room, the admitting nurse is a Nun. She asks him if he has any way to pay for his treatment.

“No,” he replies, “I’ve been out of work for six months and I’m broke.”

She asks him, “Well, do you have any family members who could help pay?”

He shakes his head again, “No, I only have one old maid sister and she’s a Nun.”

The nurse indignantly says to him, “Nuns are NOT old maids, sir, we are married to God.”

“In that case,” the man says, “You can send the bill to my brother-in-law.”

(Well, I thought it was funny.)


Jim said...


Mrs. Jim and I were in the area last week but things were pretty well taking up our time, I knew that.
Next time might be the 2008 Blogstock, I hope.
We came up to sell the farm. Take a look if you will, at my blog for tomorrow. It has pictures of the farm at Herman. Maybe you are familiar with it?
The farm was my dads and we sold it at auction Friday. After the auction we had lunch that Cliff made for us at his home.
Mom knew him when he was a baby, his mom and my mom were friends before either married.
My mom taught him for his Kindergarten (1st grade??) Sunday school class.
BTW, Sister Sue sure got her blog up and going fast after she finally got a computer.

Janell said...

Hi Jim! Glad you liked the joke. I hope I can get to your blog tomorrow.
Sue has had her blog going for several months, through her computer at work. She and I use the blogosphere for coffee breaks. Both of us work in farily quiet office settings.

Joe B said...

Janell, that was pretty funny. I got a couple of nun jokes, not so clean, but funny NUN the less... get it? he he he..

I am in a giddy mood tonight, just finished packing for chicago. Going to get a couple of hours of shut-eye and off to the airport. Sorry for my diappearing acts, but I will make up for my lost time before the end of the year (when on vaca).

Cliff said...

Good one J. Reading you and Ralph, there seems to be theme developing with Nuns.
I'm not going to look at the forecast if they're calling for ice. I wouldn't want any of that.

Mary Connealy said...

Good morning this icy morning. When will global warming get here???? I can't wait.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

It is funny!!! Good one.

Jim said...

Hi Janell
Q. What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
A. A roaming Catholic.
I had to do that after the nun thing here.
I know, you tell the jokes on your blog and I have mine!

Janell said...

Jim - that's a good one!

Jamie Dawn said...

Cute one!!

Stay warm and try not to drive unless you have to.
Icy roads are so dangerous.
My hubby's family lives in the St. Louis area, and they are dealing with the ice too.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's Saturday evening.
I hope you're not frozen.