Thursday, November 29, 2007

If you haven't seen it, please go to my friend Cliff's blog and take a look at the picture of him and his lovely wife Marilyn. It's on his post for Tuesday, 11/27.

Really - go see this picture. I mean it, stop reading this right now and go look at the picture!

Okay, now we're just being silly. You must click on the link to Cliff's blog and see the pic.

Then come back and leave your comment here.


cdroses said...

Very funny! I forget the comedian's name, but this line comes to mind: "I wear the pants in this house...when she lets me."

Question for Cliff...Do you have a sister Megan (lives in Lexington)?

Sue said...

Reminds me of the t-shirts --
His reads "I rule the roost."
Hers reads "I rule the Rooster."

Shirley said...

Yeah - that's good.

Paul said...

I saw the picture before I came here. I didn't want to say "Looks like Charlie Brown and Lucy" in his comment box.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Jamie Dawn said...

I already saw that pic over at Cliff's.
It's a gooodie!!
The Queen of the household always RULES!!

I found your blog, Janelle!!

Cliff said...

Man that woman looks CRAZY!
cdroses: Uh no. But I'm sure she must be related if she's sexy and good looking and intelligent.. I could go on but I must go to bed.
...with the crazy lady.

LaDawn said...

The whole site is littered with fabulous photos but this is my favourite. I feel like I imagine she does every day at least once/day.