Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three cheers for Jack!

He won an Honorable Mention for his entry in our church's chili cookoff. He called it "7 kind of heat" because he put in 7 peppers: 2 jalopenos, 1 serrano, 1 habenero, 2 poblanos and 1 can of green chilies.
Yes it was hot.
Yes it was DELICIOUS! He shoud have won first. Maybe next year.


Scarlet said...

I love spicy food. I don't know about SEVEN kind of heat though. That's a lot of kick!

Sue said...

Don't think I could eat that much spice. Good job, Jack. Maybe add one more pepper next year.

Mary Connealy said...

Congratulations, Jack. Next year just dump in all the almost empty bottles of picante sauce you can find in your refrigerator.

It'll be a hit, I'll bet.

nora said...

yummmm, chili.

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet it's the kind of chili that burns going in and burns coming out.

Cliff said...

Come on ice cream. Email me if you don't get that.

Myrnagj said...

Way to go, Jack.

Jim said...

Congratulations, Jack! You were cheated, I know your chili was the best! I ate a lot of chili in Lincoln, at the Greenwood Cafe. It was the best ever, maybe you guys could get their recipe.

Congratulations, Janell! New Job! Best wishes with it!

Congratulations, Janell! Toastmaster vet now! That always looked like too much work for me.

Stay warm,

Flip Flop Momma said...

I love chili..

but im a wuss and dont like it hot or spicey...

congrads to him though, i want a sample now.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm updating my blog roll. I finally got around to adding you. I'm lazy about updating it. Thanks for being a great blog buddy.


Janell said...

Scarlet "a lot of kick" describes it perfectly!

Sue; great idea. We'll start looking for the next one right now.

Mary; that would be cheating - that's MY recipe!

Nora - double that yummmm!

JD; LOL - no, it didn't burn at both ends.

Oh yeah, Cliff. I think I get that.

Thanks, MGJ. I'll pass it along.

Well,Jim, maybe the Greenwood Cafe should be asking for Jack's recipe. My favorite place to eat in Lincoln is Misty's. Best French onion soup I ever had besides mine. I'm very picky about my Fr. On. Thanks for your encouragement!

FF Momma; I'm sending you a virtual bowl right now. Enjoy!

Thanks,JD! I'm honored.

LaDawn said...

Will he be serving any of that up for the BBQ in July?!?!?!