Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In case you missed Nora's comment, go check this place out: www.secondhelpings.org


Scarlet said...

I've always thought about a place like this. Thanks for the link; I'll seriously look into it.

Shirley said...

Who's Nora? Did I miss something?

Cliff said...

Nora is a class act who is the C.O.O. of a great concern in Indy. Second Helpings. That's the website Janell mentioned.
Her personal blog is at http://nora-leona.blogspot.com/
She is a down to earth, ex farm girl who went to the city to do good things for people.
Nora is a delightful person and her blog reflects that. Enjoy.

Janell said...

Scarlet; it seems like such a logical way to make good use of something that might otherwise have been wasted.

Shirley; Nora left a comment on my January 29 post.

Cliff; will Nora be coming to Blogstock?

nora said...

Thanks for the link to Second Helpings. As Scarlet said, Second Helpings is one of those things that makes so much sense.
I am coming to Blogstock, my second trip to Tekamah. I was there last April with my childhood (and blogger) friend Jerry. Jerry and I cooked up the trip while we were at our church Lenten fish fry. I thought my dad was going to choke when we told him that we were going to Nebraska to visit a farmer that I met on the Internet.
I am so looking forward to meeting all of you.
I've been a little grumpy on my blog these last few days, but I promise to bring my usual sunshiny self to Blogstock.
Stay warm!

Jamie Dawn said...

Both Second Helpings and Nora are class acts.
Nora is a terrific writer, and she's also very funny.
I have enjoyed getting to know her, and I look forward to BS '08 where I'll meet her in person!!!
I'll meet you too, Janell!!!!!!