Thursday, February 21, 2008


I’m changing jobs.
Feb, 29th will be my last day at TST and I will be starting at the HyVee in Fremont on March 3. This will be a good change for everyone.

In my local Toastmasters club, I qualified to participate in an Area competition, which will be in Norfolk March 15th. The speech is entitled “20th Century American Athletes.” It’s about the 11 Triple Crown winners in TB Horseracing. I posted all about it awhile back – June 8, 2007. I tried to insert a link, but it didn't work. I don't know what I'm doing.

Walkin’ around in town

Yesterday morning it was just to flippin’ cold to take my morning walk and I had a 2:00 appointment to get my oil changed in Fremont, so rather than sit in the waiting room at the car dealer for an hour, I decided to bundle up and go for my walk. For those of you who know Fremont, I headed south on Luther Road and walked from Highway 30 over to Military, went west a little and started back on William St. William doesn’t go all the way back to 30, so I got a little sidetracked through some winding avenues and cul de sacs before I found my way beck to Luther Road. I had used up the entire hour by the time I made it back to Steffey’s.
Walking in town is sure a lot different than going down my gravel road. There is a lot more exhaust in the air, for one thing. On my gravel road, the traffic is considered heavy if I encounter one vehicle in the 40 or so minutes I spend on the road. On Luther Road, I think a car went by every 30 seconds or so.
On my road, the only dog I see is mine. In town, I passed by several, who announced my presence with much barking and hopping on the other side of the privacy fences. And speaking of fences, at home the only fences I pass are barbed wire. Luther Road is flanked on both sides almost all the way to Military with privacy fences. Yes, I peeked over the top of some of them, at places where I wasn’t getting barked at. Very nice houses in there.
When I got back to get my pickup at the appointed time, the service guy took one look at the paperwork and said, “Oh no! They haven’t even started it yet!” So I wound up sitting in the waiting room for an hour, anyway. He was very apologetic that it wasn’t ready when he’d said it would be, and I ended up getting my oil change for free.

I’ve just discovered that for reasons known only to the internet/blogger demons, I can come around and read all my favorite blogs, but I can’t open the comment box. So please don’t cross me off your lists. I’ll get back into the swing of things as soon as I can.


Sue said...

Is the Toasmasters competition open to the public? Can I attend?

Janell said...

Sue - Yes, you could come. It's in a meeting room at the Vet's Home, starting at 9 am and ends at noon. I don't know what time my turn will come up. I was going to see if you wanted to meet for a bite to eat afterwards.

Scarlet said...

I've heard very little about Toastmasters. Tell me more!

Janell said...

Scarlet; go to Or click on the link on my main page. Good info there.

Myrnagj said...

Shirley said I couldn't talk about walking.....

Good luck in your new job.

Go, Go, Go at your Toastmasters competition.

I was wondering about comments from you.

Janell said...

MGJ; Why can't we talk about walking? I must not have gotten that memo.

Paul said...

Dear Anonymous. You're always welcome at my blog and always appreciated.

I was in Toastmasters for a couple of years. I need to get back into it. Go 'splain it to Scarlet. Toastmasters is a perfect fit for her, I'll bet. She will be great. Oh, and good luck to you...

Shirley said...

I told her she should keep it down about walking in 60 degrees for a while yet. We are still way far from there.

Good luck with the new job.

Janell said...

Paul; I agree that Scarlet would be a natural for TM. I hope you and she can both find a club close by. The main site is

Shirey: I get it. Its the temperature thing. Yes, I think I will definitely enjoy my walking more when I can strip down to, oh, 2 or 3 layers.

Myrnagj said...

Janell: You go girl. I didn't even go to the treadmil tonight because it is raining.

Flip Flop Momma said...

so your changing jobs huh?

Good luck with that...hope it goes well..

What is a Toastmasters club?

Cliff said...

Well, too busy being a street walker to leave comments. tsk tsk

Ralph said...

Best wishes with your new job and the competition.
I had that issue with blogger a couple of times. Wish I could help you but it just magically fixed itself.

cdroses said...

Congrats on the changes! WTG on the walking. My "walking" consists of running to and from the car for various events. lol

Janell said...

MGJ – Why not? Do you keep your treadmill out in the yard?

Momma – thanks for the good wishes. I’ll do a post about Toastmasters that will hopefully answer questions about it. Thanks for asking.

Yes, Cliff. I’ll bet you thought I had quit being a streetwalker.

Thanks Ralph. The weird thing about the comments hiccupping is that it doesn’t happen at all the blogs I visit. I can get into some, but not others. And sometimes, I can look at comments but it won’t let me post one. Computers are SO weird.

Thanks, Cindy. For now, you’re shivering is probably making up for the calories you’d burn walking!

Brooke said...

Good luck with the new job.

Sue said...

The 15th is on a Saturday so I should be able to be there.
Good luck at Hy Vee. You will be another friendly smile in some aisle.
40 is about minimum for outdoor walking for me. There is also the wind factor to consider. Golf minimum is 50 with no wind, mainly because my fingers crack when it is cold.

nora said...

The only idea I've ever had for a business is a combination oil change/mammogram place.
Drop the car off, walk through a door and get the mammogram.
No one ever seems too excited about it.

Mary Connealy said...

Why are you changing jobs, and what's the new job.
There are two more blogs for you.

I thought maybe on your walk you run over by a HyVee delivery truck and they hired you to run the place to avoid the lawsuit or maybe saw a help wanted sign.