Friday, February 01, 2008

News about the late Barbaro.
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Paul said...

That's very nice. We were quite entranced with the whole episode. We saw it on TV when it happened and then bowed our heads a little when it was announced he had been put to sleep.

Thanks for sharing this.

Jamie Dawn said...

I read about this, but went to the link to see if it had anything new that I had not read about.
It is neat that his ashes will have a place of honor.

I would like to have seen him in action. I've never been into horses or racing, but since we went to the track, I can see why people love to see these animals run. They sure are beautiful!

Joe B said...

I remember when it happened, but am ashamed to admit I didn't follow the sport enough to understand the brevity of the situation and its significance.

Janell said...

Your welcome, Paul.

JD, Barbaro really captured the hearts not only of racing fans, but his courageous fight to recover inspired a lot of people.

Joe; no need to be ashamed! But I think there is still an active horse racing track in Chicago, isn't there? I don't remember the name of it, but I'll bet one of my sisters will. Go down and have a look. I think you would enjoy it as much as you do baseball.

Cliff said...

I follow horse racing to this extent. I started with Secretariat and haven't stopped. Marilyn and I toured Claiborne farms a few years back and the cemetary there was impressive. Bold Ruler, and his offspring including Secretariat.
Marilyn got to lead Monarchos around the paddock. It was the year after he won the Derby.

Janell said...

Wow! Monarchos! I would have deliberatey stomped through some of his poop and then preserved the shoes. I'm hoping we can visit Kentuckey Horse Park someday.

LaDawn said...

A suitable monument to a hero of a horse!