Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today, Thursday May 3, is National Day of Prayer. I share this from Charles Swindoll:

"Almighty God, we pause to reflect on Your character as we seek wisdom for such a time as this.
In these unsafe days,
You remain all-powerful and able to protect;
In these uncertain times,
You remain all-knowing, leading us aright;
In the unprecedented events we're facing,
You remain absolutely sovereign.
Our times are in Your hands.
Therefore, our dependence on You, is total, not partial
. . . our need for Your forgiveness is constant
. . . our gratitude for Your grace is profound
. . . our love for You is deep.
We ask that You guard and guide our President
and all who serve the people of these United States.
May uncompromising integrity mark their lives.
We also ask that You unite us as truly "one nation,
under God." May genuine humility return to our ranks.
And may that blend of integrity and humility
heal our land.
In our Lord's name we pray,
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Well, Lucy is a trooper. I thought I’d done our groundwork pretty well, but watching the pros in action, I got to feeling like I had been trying to do brain surgery with a degree purchased on ebay. Mark came and worked with her for 2 hours yesterday and when he got on, she demonstrated back for him everything he’d taught her from the ground. She was thoroughly worn out when he left, and just stood and rested in the corner of her pen for about 2 hours. I’m supposed to ride her when I get home today, but it started raining about an hour ago, so I don’t know if that will happen or not. I took LOTS of pictures and they are at the developer’s today, so I should be able to post some tomorrow.
My mood right now is as gloomy as the sky is grey. I had the worst case of insomnia from last night/this morning 1-4 AM that I’ve had in a lo-o-ong time. (YAWN) Don’t know what’s up with that.
My saddle club is supposed to have its first trail ride of the season this Saturday, but it’s supposed to rain then, too, so that might be canceled. (sniff)
I hope I have a little more energy tomorrow.

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LaDawn said...

You sound a bit down. Hope that's just the weather. Well done to Lucy!