Thursday, May 31, 2007

Because every time the price of gas goes up here in the US, somebody points out how much more it costs in Europe. So let’s compare other things. Some of you Europeans who visit here, what do you pay for the following? Here's what I pay here in the heartland:

Butter $2.85/pound
Large Eggs $1.25/dozen
Milk $1.88 half gallon (Hy Vee has just started carrying milk in glass bottles again, so I get a $1.50 return for every bottle I bring back, so a half gallon actually costs me 38 cents. And it tastes better!)
Ground beef 90% lean $2.25/lb
Bread $1.25/loaf
Hot dogs $1.25 for 8
Pork & Beans .59 can
Heavy cream $3.88 quart
Breakfast cereal $4.00 box
Ice cream $3.99 for 5 quart pail
Fresh halibut steak $12.99/lb (How sad is that?)
Beef T-bone steak $5.99/lb
Lettuce .99/head
Cabbage .29/lb
Apples $1.99 lb
Laundry Soap 40 load bottle of liquid $2.50
Bath soap $3.89 for 4 bars Olay (Other brands make me itch, so I have to go with the expensive stuff.)
Shampoo $3.99 30 oz bottle
Dish soap $1.89 30 oz bottle
Toothpaste $2.79 for a large tube (Can’t remember how many ounces, and I usually don’t bring it with me to work, so I can’t go take a look!)
Toilet paper $6.00 for 12 double rolls
Beer $4.99 six pack
Good beer $7.99 six pack
Local telephone landline $19.99 month
Cell phone minutes $29.99 for 100 (my family uses tracphones)
Electricity $100/month average
Propane for heat $1.89 gal
Hay for the horses $4.50 per bale, delivered.
Dog food $16.99 40 lb bag dry
Cat food $26.99 40 lbs Iams (Another expensive brand name we use)
Cat litter $3.99 20 lb bag

Shirl & Sue, how much for cable tv and internet access? We don’t have either one at home.

I usually buy the store brand of everything instead of the brand name products, so that is what I’m basing my prices on. And I don’t know how any of this would figure in metric equivalents.


Shirley said...

Just paid the cox bill -- 136. includes internet, cable, land line, and I noted abut 16. in taxes.

Brooke said...

I have a cox bill and it runs me $103 and that is just internet and digital cable.

Brooke said...
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cdroses said...

Internet, digital cable and DVR service is $125/mo. About $20 of which is taxes and regulating fees. I don't mind paying extra for the DVR service. It's about the same as buying a bunch of video tapes for the VCR and replacing the VCR once/year. Plus we can record 10x as much with the DVR. Gotta love technology!
Other costs I can think of:
no land line; cell phs $60
electric $40 in the winter, $100 in the summer.
natural gas $40 in the summer, $150 in the winter
bread store bread .75-1.00/loaf
ground turkey 93% lean $1.37/lb.
farmers market asparagus $3/bunch
milk $1.67/half gallon
large eggs .76/doz.
(this makes me sick) potatoes $2.50/5 lb bag Just a couple of years ago, it was only $1
That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.

Myrnagj said...

I'm taking the list with me today and will get back to you later.

I pay about $60 for cable and internet--I have what Paulette and David call sucky cable. If I could get local stations without it I would pay about $30 for internet connection.
Yesterday I paid $3.25 for gas.

Stephanie said...

We pay $100 for cable/DVR and $50 for broadband cable. And $15 for cell/250 min.