Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal

We have a pair of cardinals living on our place. They have the most beautiful song, and Mr. Cardinal is like a flying flower with his bright red feathers. And Shirley is right: Mrs. Cardinal’s tans and browns are gorgeous.
Mrs. Cardinal might be in need of some therapy. She perches on the door of Jack’s car and looks into his side mirror. Then she hops up on top of the mirror and looks behind it, then looks around, as if saying, “Where’d she go?” She hops back over to the door, looks in the mirror, chirps wildly and then hops on top of the mirror, looking behind it trying to “catch” that ‘other woman.’ She may have a bit of a jealous streak.
Meanwhile, Goldie, one of our cats, is watching her, slinking along low to the ground until he thinks he is within pouncing distance, when he makes a run for it. Of course, she probably saw him coming from the very beginning, so she escapes every time. As soon as Goldie retreats, she comes back to the mirror and starts the whole routine all over again.
Goldie is the first one to figure out that Cody does not want to eat the cats. In fact, he has even gotten interested in Cody’s squeaky toy. Somebody picks up the toy, squeaks it, and Cody come bouncing in from what ever else he was doing, ready for a game of fetch. This takes Goldie’s attention away from Mrs. Cardinal and as soon as the toy is thrown, Goldie and Cody both chase it. Cody always wins the race, but I wonder what Goldie would do with it if he got there first?
With all this going on right outside my front door, who needs television?

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Sue said...

Watching nature, both human and animal is always fun.