Monday, May 21, 2007

Jack’s birthday at the zoo.
This is my family. They must have behaved themselves while they were there because they didn’t get locked in with the apes or anything.

Bubba & I went on the sweetest trail ride yesterday. We had permission to ride on a hunting preserve about 11 miles south of me. Lots of wooded areas, rustic scenery, a riverfront and hills. The afternoon ended with a nice potluck .
I reconnected with a dear old friend whose life had taken some unexpected twists & turns.
In the middle of the day, one person’s horse got loose and panicked because his saddle slipped and ended up on his belly instead of his back. He disappeared, bucking, crow hopping and running full speed ahead into the woods. Now if you’re going to run into trouble with your horse, the best place to do it is in the midst of a crowd of cowboys and cowgirls. The ropers of the crowd mounted up and went in after him. It wasn’t long before the most gentlemanly of these calmly walked out of the woods with the frightened horse in tow. The renegade had succeeded in shedding the saddle somewhere in the woods and another group emerged a few minutes later with the missing saddle. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the ride continued as planned.

I had a ton of paperwork to get done today, thank goodness that’s over with.

Randy is leaving on a road trip to deliver augurs to northeast Iowa tomorrow. He’ll get home Wednesday evening.

Street Sense lost the Preakness to Curlin by a nose hair on Saturday. The top three finishers were the same three that finished in the top three in the Kentucky Derby. It will be fun to see if the same three horses win, place and show in the Belmont.

Until tomorrow!

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LaDawn said...

Mental note to self: Do Not have horse troublews without adequate C&Cs cover! I'm imagining this ain't like a trail ride where you can't get the horse to walk in and it practically runs all the way back....