Friday, May 25, 2007

Ferrier Visit.

Bubba got new shoes yesterday evening so we are ready to roll!
A couple of weeks ago, I left home around 5:30 PM to make a grocery run. On the road, I met my Ferrier. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself. “I wonder where Bob’s going?” Well, guess what? He was coming to my house. I’d had an appointment with him that day and completely forgot about it. Very bad. Very bad. He is one of the best ferriers and one of the most reasonably priced in this area and he can pick and choose who he wants to keep on his client list. He was very gracious about rescheduling this time, but I need to be more careful about honoring my appointments with him. I don’t want to have to start with someone new at this point. He’s been doing my horses for 11 years.

Does this count as a Blackberry moment? Or a senior moment? Or an “I’m just too darn busy to be polite enough to keep my appointments moment?”


LaDawn said...

Plain ol' scheduling conflict although I think they happen with increasing frequency as I age. I double book myself often. I never used to do that! I got a calendar for my work appts. I've got another for my home/personal appts. And yet another for my children/family appts. Every so often these three intersect in a ven diagram that is just way too scary to imagine. At that point I get down and cry to the time gods and beg forgiveness. Try that with the ferrier.

Shirley said...

I once did the same thing with a haircut appt for Maggie -- just totally lost it. Same deal -- felt so bad and the lady is so good with her and also so booked. Haven't had it happen again. Don't think it was a senior moment, or an overbooked day, just had too much on my mind.