Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Catchin Up!
Personal & Economic...
How have you all been? Let's catch up shall we? Janell & gang I miss you. I really do! Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year were great. There is nothing more beutiful than seeing a 2 year old open his christmas gifts. We've been having so much fun with little Joe, its great.

I have been working like crazy since Nov. Basically, I've been deeply involved in restructuing activities. Specifically in Europe and China. This means we have to get our cost in control, the biggest cost is people (and they are expensive over there). I am not proud of it, but if we are top heavy we are top heavy. Lots of people had to go, so that the company can stay afloat. Most were Europeans, so atleast they won't have to worry about Healthcare.

I love it when people say, we need to do the right thing and not lay anyone off. I'll never know how close I came to losing my own job, but I was prepared for it. We also laid off a few folks in North America, I can't profile people who got let go. But there does seem to be less Obama bumper stickers in the parking lot... he he. Don't worry, he'll save them! I can't tell any of you directly what company I work for, but any of you that know Janell can ask via email. Has the economy impacted many of you, I can say it impacted me. I am not happy about it. In December my company announced no raises in 2008 (I know I would have gotten one based on my performance) and no 401K match. This amounts to a 4% Pay cut, really sucks! Bonuses, Gonzo! Tough to get a bonus when you lose a couple hundred million dollars as a division. Some people in our company got / will get their bonuses. Deservingly so I might add, even within companies that lose money there are people that earned bonuses based on their contributions. Hey, atleast we are not using bailout money.

Leaving for Beijing Wednesday, feb 4th. Going for a week, going to really miss little Joe and Heather. Completely un-related note, I got a great bumper sticker for my Hummer. It reads "Carbon Neutral" on the back. Speaking of which, is it cold or what. Somebody call Al Gore, we need some of that warming!

Politics - Ahhh... the juicy stuff.
In case you were wondering, my disappearance was not a direct result of the election. I've been dying to post on all the stuff going on. So much has happened I forgot stuff I wanted to share... How do you all think the annointed one is doin as prez? Am I being racist by making fun of him? Its easy to critisize the man at the top, but its not so easy once you are there! "But give him some time, we should respeect him for atleast 100 days"... Its tradition! I didn't start following politics until after the 2000 election (I voted Gore) and was shocked how people tried to destroy Bush from Day 1. I am not 43's #1 fan, but he was a decent Prez. I am unhappy with him because he went real soft at the end there and paved the way for 44 to nationalize and socialize.
Couple of observations, I am sure you've heard them before...

The Transition:
Bill Richardson had to withdraw his nomination as commerce secretary because of a "Pay for Play Scandal" very similar to Govener (former) Blagojevich. Obama's education nominee cannot speak proper grammar. The Treasury nominee doesn't pay taxes. The nominee for attorney general worked in the pardon office under President Clinton and admits/claims he didn't know anything about pardons of terrorists. Obama's top terrorism advisor was involved in a security breach (Sandy Berger). Our new Secretary of State's husband, wild Bill, received dubious monies from the chinese and Saudi's.
The administration in Power:...
By authorizing the closure of Gitmo, we grant terrorists more rights than we gave the Governor of Illinois (I am not defending him here, but the point is valid). That very same day, Obama moved to take away the rights of the unborn by funding abortions overseas. So I guess we value terrorists more than unborn children. Nice! We nominate and confirm a Treasury Secretary who doesn't pay taxes, only to be followed by a Health and Human Services Secretary who evaded his taxes(Daschle) He withdraws under pressure. Then Obama's Chief Performance Officer, whatever that is, withdraws her nomination because she forgot to pay taxes. He pushes a "bi-partisan stimulous package" which is really a pork bill. The $850 infrasturcure bill is only about 10% infrastructure and the rest is pork. It passes the house, but the word "bi-Partisan is mis-leading." Every republican, along with 12 democrats voted against the bill and only Democrats passed the bill. So the bi-partisanship was against the bill not for it!

The president actually said in an interview, that "now is not a time for profits!" He specifically chastizes Rush Limbaugh and comments on a company that spent $1.2 million on a bathroom. What people don't know is that bathroom was actually paid for in Jan of 2008, before the company failed and received any TARP money. Oh by the way, the Obama's hired the same decorator as Merill Lynch to re-decorate the White House. Companies that took government bailouts, Automakers and Banks alike, are all shocked that the Federal government is telling them they can't hand out bonuses and buy jets. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people, but this is the exact reason we should have let them run into the ground, GM included! So you people that want "free" healthcare, look at the example here. Government "gives" you something, don't think it won't have strings attached!
Nancy Pelosi says that "Family Planning Services" ... Uggh.. Abortions.. actually help control costs. They manage to pass, and Obama signs into law, the new SChip Bill. Makes people feel good, because we are giving free healthcare to "Children". Well, dirty little secret is.. We expanded the definition of Children to 23 Years of age and don't require ID's and illegals can take advanage of the program. We funded this of course by raising the cigarette tax, we all know who this has the biggest impact on. The poor! Did I forget to mention that Barney Frank, House Finance Comittee Chair, said that "free markets don't work". Nice.

I feel better, got a load off with that rant. Will post pictures from China this week. How are you all doing? Sorry I didn't spell check, its late.


cdroses said...

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Goes for any government supported "hand out." Someone has to pay for this. That would be the good old, hard working, taxpayers. Lucky us, get to bail out the rest of the nation!

And to think our ancestors fought against "taxation without representation." Now we are "represented" (yeah, right) and still taxed to death.

Janell said...

JOE! Great to have you back in the Blogosphere! Glad to hear you are enjoying your time with Heather and Little Joe.

I've been watching with keen interest all the withdrawals from nomination due to unpaid taxes. Maybe we should take a closer look at ALL our public servants' 1040s and see who else is getting away with that!

I need one of your "Carbon Neutral" bumper stickers to put on my horse's butt!

Anyway, I'm glad you wrote about the "juicy stuff." I've voluntarily cut myself off from all TV viewing (including my faves; the Food Network, RFD, Hannity and O'Reilly) for a while, but I will always have my radio on. I've noticed that some of the print media has shifted its focus to Michelle and the girls, instead of u-no-hoo.

And yes, it's cold here! Let's get back above zero for awhile, please!

I hope you have a safe to trip to Beijing. Looking forward to a full report when you get back!

Cliff said...

Joe, I'm the argumentative type. Sorry, there's nothing here to argue with. Brilliant and very accurate. The problem is that there is a large part of america who have no clue. I tuned in to cnn and nbc last week for an hour. They spent the entire hour making fun of our troops in Afghanastan (seems they shoved a mic in some soldiers face and he didn't know the 'end game.' They failed to mention that the troops are no longer under the evil Bush's control. They then spent the rest of the time trying to blame this 'spending' bill that is almost entirely pork on Bush.
The fact is, this WILL go south on the Dems and only 36% of the voters in the US were for the bailout. But at least they will be able to protect terrorists and kill babies. Only 3 years, 11 months and 20 days left.

Janell said...

Cliff; thank goodness the clock keeps on ticking...