Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Great Wall Photo's...
Its 6 am Wednesday and I've been up for two hours. Got back from China about 4:30 pm central. I was tired enough to fall asleep at 11:30 pm. But I was stupid not to take an adjusting sleeping pill despite my fatigue. Result, wide awake at 4 am.
These pics are better than my camera phone pics. Janell, it was great talking to you.

I forgot what this section of the wall was called, something like Mui Tang Yu (Phonetic Spelling). Its about an hour ride NW of Beijing, I took a car there Sunday Morning (Sat night US) Feb 8th. Once there you take a ski lift about 500 feet up to the wall, once there you are free to walk about 4 miles in either direction. I chose to walk West, since I did East on my first visit. The wall is very steep at some points, the pics barely capture that. One point was more like a ladder than a wall. Once you are ready to leave, you have three choices. You can walk down, take the lift down or toboggan. I chose the toboggan run. What a blast, its very quiet up there sur-real and beautiful. Makes you think about home. Once you are off the wall, that all goes away quickly. The local vendors are very very pushy. I bought very little there because they are so pushy, I'd rather pay and can afford higher prices some where else. This is all relative, higher prices mean $4 rather than $2 for certain souvenirs. All in all, a productive business trip. The wall was a bonus.


Janell said...

Wow. I love these photos, Joe. The fact that you had to take a ski lift to get there and a toboggan to get down explains why it was mostly effective in defending against the invading hoards from the north.

I've been bragging to anyone who stands till long enough to listen that I got a phone call from a man who was standing on The Great Wall of China!

Welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

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Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta