Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Pretty Dala Horses. These live on a power pole in Oakland, Nebraska. Oakland markets itself as "The Swedish Capital of Nebraska." They have a Swedish Festival every other June that's lots of fun to attend - good old Smalltown, USA type fun. The Dala Horses that decorate their main street have their origin in Sweden in the district of (duh!) Dala. I've also heard them called Viking Horses. They aren't all red, but the ones I chose for Ruby Tuesday had to be.

If it doesn't stop snowing pretty soon, I'm going to have to start doing "White Wednesdays!"


cdroses said...

FYI: The blue version, from my understanding, are Norwegian instead of Swedish. So I was told by a Norwegian! Uf Da!

Ralph said...

The snow is bad enough but we are getting COLD as well, it was -6 this morning.
Didn't know that abaout Oakland - interesting.

Sue said...

For anyone not familiar with Oakland, at least half the population has a name ending in "son". "Quist" is also very prominent.

Jim said...

Hey Janell, this would be a nice week to visit Southern Texas. Not up north like Dallas, they are having your kind of weather.

I like Oakland, Dad lived at the assisted living facility there for almost four years.

We visited the Swedish Museum once too. It was alright but not nearly as full of stuff as is the Burt County Museum. You know about that one!
Happy Ruby Tuesday,

Marla said...

Well as Sue said I was from Oakland and of course, my name was Johnson. I have a small Dalla horse the the news paper editor brought me when I started my job in Oakland.

Jamie Dawn said...

Global warming just keeps dumping cold, snowy weather across the USA.
Those horses are cute fellers.

Rachel said...

I love all horses..even ruby red ones!! I'll bet that festival is fun!

No snow here. Sunny today and in the 50's! Nice!!

Joe B said...

Beautiful Pic Janell.
I agree, where is Al Gore when you need him? We are at zero degrees tonight and hit -24 three weeks ago, temp not wind chill!