Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

I almost saved this fire hydrant for f-stop Friday, but it is such a nice red, I decided it was better for Tuesday.

It's in downtown Fremont.


Myrnagj said...

Nice red fireplug. I suppose it has been there for a long time.

Jim said...

Oh Janell, this is such a pretty setting for that red firehydrant!
Bleak and downtownish reminds of the need to have adequate fire protection in those older areas.

Happy RRtU, thank you for your visit and nice comment.

Mary Connealy said...

Love the building in the back ground, too. Definitely Ruby Tuesday material. :)

shelbs87 said...

I think I know this exact fire hydrant! lol I think I walk by it all the time when I work downtown!

Marla said...

Nice picture! I don't know though,I hope you don't run out of F things!

Janell said...

myrna; yes, I expect it has been there awhile, though I don't know the history of it. It could be interesting to look into tho.

Jim; This is a pretty section of downtown Fremont. Nice old buildings and such. Marla's sister has an antique store about a block behind my back where I'm standing when I took this picture.

Mary; I like that brick building, too. I think it has a nice little coffee shop in it. Wanna come have some with me?

ShelbyShelby; You probably do! It's by the old bank building.

Marla; Don't worry. When I run out of real f-things, I'll start making up new words like Dr. Seuss. Or switch to another day and a new letter. I'll still have S, M, T, W to use up!