Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello, friends!

I’ve been away from the Blogosphere for awhile, but I think I might be back in the loop again.
So, anyway… here is the picture I would have posted for Ruby Tuesday, if I could have:

This was taken on a lovely day last July, when the Blogstock 08 folks were at the Silver Hills Vineyard. Did you notice the rose bushes at the end of each row of grapes? Anyway, it was wonderful to walk around amongst the vines. As I recall, it was a bit breezey that day, but very sheltered and quite peaceful in between the rows.

And here are the pictures I didn’t get put up for f-Stop Friday:
A Feline

This is Patchless, one of our cats. (Jerry, I think she must be a Republican, because she catches her own mice :) ).

We named her Patchless, because her mother's name was Patches. Patches was a similarly colored calico who had a big patch of orange tabby on half her face and one of her front legs was also orange tabby. Patchless doesn't have those patches like her mother did, so what could we name her other than Patchless?

We had the outlaws… I mean the In-laws over for Thanksgiving on Thursday. 24 people squeezed into my teeny little house for turkey and all the usual sides. It was nice enough that we were able to go outside and play after we ate ourselves into a stupor.

It’s snowing here today and it’s got me to thinking about Christmas, so I guess I should go find the little fiber-optic tree and get it put in it’s spot in the living room. On the other hand, I need to go bloghopping and see what my pals have been up to.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Paul Nichols said...

Uh oh! Somebody let the cat outta the bag!

Jim said...

I'm glad you are having snow today Janelle. I won't come north just to see it though. You can put a picture of it on for me. We had ten year's worth up there last year in December.

You cat is nice. Most cats catch their own mice, does that make all those cats Republicans? (You can tell I missed the point of the joke, Mrs. Jim was not able to help me either.)

I missed the vineyard because we were visiting cousins in the park or at home--Jean & Dwain, Jack & Linda, and John-- that day until supper at the farm.
Those people ought to go to France or Italy to see how grapes should grow. The plants are putting too much into the folliage and not enough nourshiment saved for grapes. That can make for bitter wine.
It makes it real pretty to have the roses. None of that in Europe either. ;-)
The clowns were coming home from the July 4th parade we were in. The picture was taken in front of Marilyn's Grandmother's house.
The vote isn't in to see if they are married or not. I have my own ideas and reasons.

Marla said...

I too have not been having time to write or read blogs. Great photo's! I hope that you enjoyed the Thanksgiving!

shelbs87 said...

Aww! Patchless is SO cute!! I love kitties!

Scarlet said...

Loved the Ruby Tuesday photo...and Patches is an adorable Republican!

I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was very quiet and peaceful.

Lucky you! What I wouldn't give for a day of snow in Miami!

Shirley said...

Nice shots of Patchless (we miss Milo)

Sue said...

Even without the patches she is pretty.

Janell said...

Hi, Paul! Yeah, we let her out to do some mousing...

Jim; All the snow only amounted to a "dusting." I'll get some pics of a real accumulation for you. The Republican/Democrat refers to Jerry of "Back Home Again" Blog fame. He has a cat that will gladley eat the mice, if Jerry catches them for her and hands them over. He had a funny post about his cat last week.
I think the area of the vineyard I was in was for the tourists and sight seers. They had some other, much larger, less foliage fields where I assume they were harvesting for wines.

Marla; thanks for stopping by. I hope your new job is going well. There is always an adjustment periond where you declar, "What was I thinking?!" But I'm sure you will breeze past that and do very well.

Shelbs; do you have a cat?

Scarlet; We envy each other. I'm thinking Miami would be a great place to live, because of the no-snow thing. I could ride horses year-round without the insulated riding boots, insulated coveralls, stocking hat, gloves and so forth. I'm probably ten pounds heavier for my horses in the winter, but I try to keep riding.

Shirl; I know you miss Milo. When you lose a pet, it's not just and animal; it's relationship. How's Maggie?

Sue; Thanks. You'll probably never get a "real life" look at her, because she hides whenever company shows up. Come to think of it, all our cats disappear when we have guests here.

Ralph said...

You know I did see those roses at the end of each row and they made me smile. I thought what a nice touch. It just added to the whole experience.

nora said...

Thanks for the great Blogstock reminder. I loved sitting on the bench by the roses and chatting with you.

Jamie Dawn said...

A Republican cat - Woo Hoo!!!

Get that tree out and put it up, pronto!
There's not much time left to wallow in the Christmas season. Before you know it, it will be over, and we'll be dealing with a new president.
Lord be with us. Our country's mouse catching days may be behind us.

That vineyard was so lovely. I enjoyed our lunch there so much. I enjoyed all of Blogstock!