Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ruby Tuesday
Featuring Photos that have red in them:

A bowl of Red hot Chili Soup.
It's very cold and rainy today, with winter driving conditions predicted for later, so it sure looks good to me!


Joe B said...

Its what I had for lunch today. Mine didn't look nearly as good given it was cafeteria chili!

Marla said...

Yummy, it sure does look good!

cdroses said...

Don't let Kendra see this, she'll be wanting to eat the laptop. She could live on chili, if I let her.
As cold and rainy (thank God no snow, here,) as it is, that really sounds good for Supper.

Flip Flop Momma said...

ok, that made me super hungry..that looks mighty awesome.

Kendra said...

after i finished looking at that pic i had to wipe away drool on the laptop afraid the laptop would shortout my mom was right.

Kendra said...

o yeah today was veteran's day and janell be expecting a call from me tomaro

Rachel said...

Looks great Janell!! Our weather here today was chilly and rainy, just a dreary day.

Sue said...

Looks good, but knowing how you and Jack make chili, it also makes my stomach hurt.

Ralph said...

It looks good to me!!

Shirley said...

Nice photo - I like the shine on the chili!

Scarlet said...

This looks a lot like Greg's hot chili. He posted the recipe a few days ago and after seeing this pic...I must get all the ingredients and make it already!

Janell said...

Joe; I hope you can come out to my place for a big pot of chili someday. Although, of course, you will never be able to face cafeteria chili again... maybe.

Marla; I'll bet your's is better!

Cindy & Kendra; I sure wish you guys were close enough to pop out here for a bowl if chili. Wouldn't that be fun?

Momma; Thanks! I'd post the recipe for you, but it seems to turn out differently every time I make it.

Rachel; It's been dreary here a lot lately. When it isn't dreary, the wind is blowing like mad! We had a few weeks of nice mild fall weather, though, so I'm not complaining.

Sue; this was a mild batch. I was out of jalopenos that day.

Thanks, Ralph! Let me know next time you're in the neighborhood and I'll set up a "Chili Cookoff" with Cliff. Can he do Chili?

Thanks, Shirley (or Bob?).

Scarlet; Does it get cold enough in Miami to make chili? Now if you'll excuse me, I have go check out Greg's recipe...

Paul Nichols said...

Nothin' better than a bowl of chili on a cool, wet day. I made a batch last Saturday. Used buffalo meat. Finished the last of it yesterday. Yours looks real tasty.

And, yes, I did include the Trans-Syberian Orchestra in my post. You must have read it too fast. They will be playing here in The Big City in about a month. Can't get tickets. Shucks!

Jim said...

Hi Janell -- That looks like good old Nebraska chili. Mine is now turned to Texas chili and I like it better.

Back when my favorite chili was at the Greenwich Bar on "O" Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. I would also have three pieces of their excellent fried chicken.
BTW, I was to young to drink beer in the bars at that back when time.
I'm praying for your brother.

Cliff said...

I'm filing a protest. I was sitting here thinking I need to lose weight and that I shouldn't succumb to my present hunger and then this.
I don't have time to write a comment now, I need to go fix breakfast.

Jamie Dawn said...

I made chili about a week ago. We've been eating soups too since it is perfect weather for it.
I've also been eating oatmeal and Cream of Wheat.
Great warming up foods.
That chili looks YUMMY!!

LaDawn said...

This makes me hungry!