Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your attention, please.

If you have sent me an email within the last seven days, I'm sorry, but I just deleted it. I don't have any explanation for it - other than that I wasn't paying attention when it said "Delete all?" , but they are absolutly gone.

I apologize.

The other thing you need to know is that I'm going to let my Facebook page be deleted. I find Facebook to be a little cumbersome, although I do appreciate the pictures. I'm probably one of the reasons it's "slow to upload".

On the other hand, I love my blog. Please come back.


Rachel said...

I'll be back!

Jim said...

Janell, I love your blog too! Thank you for being so nice, several looked at my sad jokes for Saturday but no one would leave a comment.

I am working on Ruby Red now, then will give Adi a bath. Was that something you needed to know?
When I delete my e-mail it all goes into the "TRASH" folder. If you have one of those it would be worth your while to check.
Both my Yahoo does that and the Consolidated.
Yahoo keeps all my blog and YouTube comments, even if I delete a nasty one. That is handy, right now my Blogger comment count is 7097 (you). How about that!

Scarlet said...

FYI - I love your blog. I'll be back!

Janell said...

Rachel, Jim & Scarlet; You all make me happy when you say you'll be back. I saw a sign or a t-shirt somewhere that said, "I love my computer. All my friends live in it." Ain't it the truth?

LaDawn said...

Will seriously miss you on Facebook!