Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ruby Tuesday


LZ Blogger said...

Janelle ~ How very PRETTY!

Jim said...

Hi Janell, you are doing good with this Ruby Tuesday thing. Your flower (Mrs. Jim would know its name) looks very pretty. Is it growing at your place?
I read half way through your post below expecting to find where you almost blacked out, I was afraid it was on the parade route because it got too hot for you.
Then I decided you didn't black out and went back to check if it was in the coral. There I found this, "I almost backed out" and knew then I had missed the point.
I'm glad Bubba cooperated, even though grudgingly, because it seems you enjoyed your 5% time waiving at your friends.
Dad's first cousins lived in Arlington. One lady lived to be 105, the other 101! The one who died at age 105 quite driving at age 96. She wouldn't drive any further than to Fremont her last few years. :-)

Janell said...

Thanks, LZ!

Jim; No this one was at the park in Oakland. I see them all over the place. Ask Mrs. J what it is.
105 and 101? That's some pretty long longevity!

Scarlet said...

What a beauty!! I forgot to participate in this. :(

Sue said...

Very pretty.
I, too, have been to busy to do much blogging.