Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Janell's Ruby Tuesday Offering

My buddy Jim (link in the Friendly Blog list at left) suggested that we post pictures of red things on Tuesdays and call it "Ruby Tuesdays." I think that sounds like a fine idea, so here I am with my son Jack. As you can see he is looking handsome in his RED shirt. He has a new blog (link in the Family Blog list)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Jim said...

Hi Janell, you did good on the Ruby Tuesday. I haven't done one this week, I already have Wordlesss Wednesday up on the Photo Place.

Edourd is headed here, it will hit around noon in full force. Mrs. Jim just had to come in from the golf course as it started raining a little.

It came on land earlier than expected further east and will be slowed down some when it comes. We may be on the dry side but on this they are saying the dry side has rain, like Dolly.

Thanks for asking and for checking in me and my blog.

Paul Nichols said...

Ruby Tuesday sounds like a good idea. I might sign up. And boy howdy, I got some red pictures.

I know Frank 'n' Ernest. Any relation to Ernest 'n' True?

nora said...

I love that photograph.
Your son has a great "oh mom" look on his face.

Janell said...

Jim; Thanks. I'm glad you're not getting the full force of those hurricanes. Sounds nasty.

Paul; You and Anna have got me watching for colors, that's for sure. Haha! No, Ernest N. True isn't related to Frank & Ernest.

Nora; Yes, he practices that look a lot.

LZ Blogger said...

Janelle ~ Please don't tell me you want to change "Go Big Red!" to "Go Big Ruby" though! Nice looking kid you have there too! ~ jb///

Mary Connealy said...

Ruby Tuesdays, uh....my suitcase is red. It's within eyeshot of my computer. How's that?

I got an email or rather a comment on another blog from SUZY saying she's coming to my book signing in Norfolk this Saturday.


I'm going to be in Fremont in the morning on August 16th and Omaha in the afternoon.

Here are times and places.

Mary's Booksigning Schedule

I would so LOVE it if anyone could come. I live in fear of sitting there alone.
Maybe they'll let me stock shelves!

Scarlet said...

I like the Ruby Tuesday idea, not to mention it's one of my favorite places to go for salad.

You have an adorable son, and I recognized you right away after all those Blogstock photos. You're like a celebrity now! :)

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

What a great shot for the family album! Nice red too!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team

Janell said...

LZ: Mercy, No! You don't go messin' with a classic like "Go Big Red!" That would be like trying to rewrite the Bible.

Mary; Good luck with your signings. I don't usually go to Fremont on Saturdays, Omaha is a possibility.

Scarlet; welcome back! I like the restaurant, too. Maybe we can meet halfway at one in Nashville or Kentucky or someplace. And if I'm a celebrity, ALL the blogstockers should be. Wish you could have come.

Karen; welcome to OSM! Thanks for the visit and comment.

Jim said...

Thank you for passing me along with the hat. Paul did a good job. I look a lot better in your hat than most.

Rachel said...

Janell, you have a handsome son! Good Ruby Tuesday pic!

Jerry said...

Nice picture, red and all!