Wednesday, June 04, 2008



Scarlet said...

What a relaxing view. Wouldn't you love to see that out your bedroom window?

Rachel said...

That is beautiful!!

Sorry to hear about Cody.

Ralph said...

Great picture.
Sorry to read about Cody.

cdroses said...

It's amazing what God does for us in our "down" moments!
The girls will miss Cody, when they visit in a couple weeks.

Sue said...

Sorry about Cody. Would you like another dog? One of my golf teammates has taken in a stray. She really likes the dog, but it needs a country home. I think it is part lab.
Beutiful picture.

Shirley said...

Nice picture of the sunrise or sunset?

Sorry to hear about Cody. He was a good dog.

Cliff said...

So sorry to read about Cody. Good dogs are hard to find. It hurts to have one leave like that but I'm glad it was a natural death.

Paul Nichols said...

Magnificent photograph. Great job. Thanks!

We had a black lab once, too. When we moved here we gave her to a family with a 12-YO boy. The boy and the dog...perfect pair.

I also wrote a story about dogs in heaven. One of my favorite stories, in fact. Wanna read it? Lemme know, I'll dig it out for you.

Janell said...

Scarlet; This is the view from one of my kitchen windows. And yes, I do love it!

Thank you, Rachel. I was thinking about Gooseberry this morning because my Goldie is an exact copy of him and he was clowning around. It reminded me that you probably are missing your old frined, too.

Thanks Ralph.

Cindy; Yes, this is a God sighting.

Sue; no, I don't think we want another dog. Not right now anyway.

Shirley; It's a sunrise, looking east from our house.

Cliff; thanks. Yes, good dogs are like jewels, rare and precious.

Paul; Yes! Please send me the story!

Jamie Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

Hi janell its kendra i was reading your blog cuz i wanted to know what i'm getting into at your farm anyway it was sad how i found out cody has passed

my mom me and jaydee were eating at a restaurant and me and jaydee were nameing what we'll see a your farm so jaydee said"cody" and i said"yeah i cant wait to see cody" and then real quickly mom said"oh cody died this weekend"me and jaydee made a sad face and changed the subject
im real sorry to hear about him i really like the picture of him