Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Warming Advances Abortion....
I'll keep this one short and sweet. I was just browsing my usualy rightwing hate sites and found this article (that was sarcasm, for some that didn't understand ballet humor). The title says it all, from the Daily Mail. "Meet the woman who won't have babies - because they're not eco-friendly". Read it, but if you like kids or have them, you may not like what you read.

This woman not only had her self sterilized because she believes humans are a burden on the planet and she is helping to save it, but she aborted her pregnancy for the same Global Warming / Environmental reasons.

As another blogerspherian put it, maybe its not a bad thing some people don't re-produce. But what I really dislike here, is that eventually she or someone like her will tell me or my children they can't re-produce or will have to pay a tax or limit re-producton because of the burden. Maybe we'll all have to buy carbon credits from Al-Gore to have a baby?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving..and Merry Christmas Everyone!


Mary Connealy said...

I read this article, too.
My only comment on global warning is...will someone PROMISE ME that when it all turns out to be false, Gore will have to give his Nobel Prize back?
Will someone PROMISE ME that when it all turns out to be false, all the hysterical Sky is Falling people will step right back up to that microphone and say, "I'm sorry and I'm never going to spout an opinion again."

Janell said...

So it's come to this: we are sacrificing our children on the altar of environmentalislm. No good can come of this.

Mary; while we're at it, let's strip the Academay award. But wait, they'll probably just shift the category from "documentary" to "sci-fi fantasy."

Joe - I certainly hope we will hear from you again before Christmas!

Joe B said...

Will definitely hear from me before Christmas. I am close to pulling a disappearing act as I will be in India next week. I'd love to write about the experience but I just don't have the time to give it the justice I want it to. Perhaps I'll just post a phote and a few words?

I still owe a post on my LA / London Visit and I wanted to post the pic. Hell, I haven't even sent her the pic of us yet.
I only did this one [no babies for gw post] because I got angry when I happen to run across it.

That puts LA and myself at the opposite ends again. She solicited for posting topics. I have a ton of topics, but no time (not saying LA has tons of time, but she clearly posts more than me).

My topics:
-Thanksgiving 2007 at the Beach with the family
-Tango, Malbec and Steak - My visit to Argentina
-I met a woman on the Internet - My story about LA
-Why I hope Hillary is the Democratic Nominee - so she will lose
-Why I love South Florida
-Why the hell am I moving back to Chicago again?
-Club Gitmo - Why Guantanamo is good
-Christmas - Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Why?
-Let boys be boys - Why I think the PC police is, in effect, trying to castrate and feminize men and manhood...why it will never work!

The list goes on and on and on(Not all political by the way)...I will definitely try to get the argentina post off before I leave for India, of course I haven't taken the photos off the camera yet, and that was a month ago! See what I mean? Maybe I can get my admin (secretary to some, PA to the Europeans) to post for me. Nahhhh....

Janell said...

Joe, I heard on the radio that the warmest place in the nation on Thanksgiving Day was in South Florida. Of course, I heard that as I was getting bundled up to go out and do my early morning chores. Did you even need to own a coat before you decided to move to Chi?

Joe B said...

Yes, South Florida was the warmest in the country. While driving to Mia friday, the temp outside was 89degrees.

In the 20 months I will have lived in South Florida I never used a coat or a jacket. I never wore a sweater, the heat in my car has never been on. We did have to turn the heat in the house on one time. Last February, the over night low dropped to approximately 50 degrees. That was enough to turn the heat on for the baby.

Janell, not sure if you knew this. I was born and raised in Oh. I move to Chicago in 2003 at the ripe age of 30 (I moved for promotion with GE). In Spring 2006, I left GE and came to my current company. So this will be my second tour in Chi.

Sue said...

That is a really radical stand. If you don't want to have children, it is nobody's business but yours. However, Killing an unborn baby is still killing an unborn human being.

cdroses said...

Getting on my soapbox here. This is why I'm pro-choice. It's because it should be a woman's choice to choose NOT to have an abortion. That does not mean I am pro-abortion. My friend was told to have an abortion, because of her liver disease. Thank God she told them to take a flying leap. The young man, who is her son, is also a friend of mine.
Stepping down from soap box.
Agree with Mary C. 100% Global warming is a bunch of bull. The Earth goes through cycles...period. There were no cars to add C02 to the air during the first ice age. (oops forgot I stepped down from the soapbox)

Shirley said...

I am guessing this woman had an abortion and does not want children. Simply that. She can say any reasons she wants. This reason is getting her "her 15 minutes of fame." Her logic is misguided.

However I am wondering who or what you are all listening to or reading that you think Global Warming is not real.

Janell said...

Shirley; I read An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and drew my own conclusions.

Joe B said...

I (we) don't believe, like most OSM readers, GW is man made. Its not the foregone conclusion Al Gore and everyone else says it is.

All the media you see says its there, but check out the other side. The best website reference I can find online is at the link below.


Over 200 articles from different sources showing the other side of the story.

Couple of things to consider. Before 1975 everyone though we were in global cooling. Al Gore is pushing carbon foot prints when he has a bigger footprint from most people. He says he buys carbon credits to off set and become carbon neutral. Guess who he buys the from (last I checked this was May). His own company! They want to stifle descent and eventually, in the name of the environment, you will be paying taxes. Its already happening.

The temp of the planet rose 1.1 degrees over the last 100 years. Did you know a lot of cold places used to be tropical? Man contributes less than .4% of all atmospheric carbon. Its becoming a religion to some.

See for yourself, there is not a concencus out there. A concensus doesn't make science either. There used to be concensus that the world was flat.