Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a DIRTY trick!

Someone broke into our church some time between Friday evening and Saturday morning and stole several computers and some other electronics out of the staff offices. How low can you get; to be stealing from a church?
The financial losses will probably be covered by insurance, but the biggest loss (in my opinion), is that Pastor Chuck was working on his Ph.D. Dissertation and it’s all gone – even the back up.
Of course, the burglary was discovered on Sunday morning, when everyone was showing up for services, so we had a Sheriff’s Deputy and detective roaming around dusting for fingerprints and trying their best to be inconspicuous. I haven’t heard anything more about it since Sunday.
And if, somehow, the burglar had found his/her way to this blog, I want you to know that we all prayed for you on Sunday morning.
We would have anyway – all you had to do was ask.

And in the sports world: the Rockies are in, the Sox lost 1 and the contest between the Sox & the Indians continues tonight. I tried to stay up for the end of the Rockies game. I left at the top of the sixth because it looked like they had things pretty well under control at 6-1. I was surprised this morning to get up and see that the D-Backs actually scored 3 more, because they had that “whipped pup” look in the dugout. I must have missed a rally.

And Steve P. is OUT!
Say it with me, now “WE WANT TOM! WE WANT TOM!”
And now do the wave… WAH!
Okay, so the wave isn’t as impressive in writing as it is in a stadium.
Work with me here, people, use your imagination a little.

And just in case you didn’t notice it before, let me call your attention to the link over at the left labeled “Karen Cooper” and “Karen’s Blog.” There is some pretty impressive artwork coming from the paintbrush of a homemaker in Spencer, Iowa. She is claiming Pablo Picasso as one of her influences and I think he would be proud to know that, if he saw her work.

And yet another recommendation: if you go to “Real Life Petticoat Ranch” (also at left) and scroll down a few postings, you’ll find a link to an article by Mary’s brother, Don Moore, which was published on Helium. Don makes an extremely intelligent comment on self directed health care.


Brooke said...

Tom Osborne is coming back!

Sue said...

Stealing from a church is just about as low as a thief can get.
I hope they catch them.

Interesting things happening in Husker Nation.


Mary Connealy said...

I watched the network news yesterday waiting for them to get to what was REALLY important but no mention of T.O. ANYWHERE.
What is wrong with people!?

Isn't Karen's painting wonderful? I love her 'Readers' series.

I'm meeting her for lunch today. We don't see each other much for she lived next door to me for seven years back when she wasn't painting and I wasn't writing. We have got a LOT of catching up to do.

And I was proud of Don. I think he's got a nice touch with writing. I'm encouraging him to write a book...of course I encourage everyone to write a book, especially you, Janell.

Janell said...

I'm working on it, Mary. I've hit a "wall" in my storyline and am mulling it over and over.

LaDawn said...

Stealing is wrong. Full Stop! i can only hope that whoever did the stealing needed it more than the church did.