Monday, October 15, 2007

How long before rigor mortis sets in?

I had such fine plans for the weekend.

Saturday late afternoon and evening was supposed to be spent with my saddle club in a riverside trail ride followed by a potluck and campfire. It got rained out.

Sunday afternoon, we were supposed to go to the annual church picnic at a place called “Grampa’s Farm.” It got rained out.

Computer repairs are still in progress, so I had no way to log on and surf, blog or email. With the computer gone, I couldn’t even work on stories and skits & stuff I’ve been doing. So what’s left?

The satellite TV, of course. We started the day with a biography of Dolly Parton (who, in my opinion, would have been a better choice for the Nobel prize for BOTH literature and peace. She’s written more relevant poetry than Lessing, made better movies than Gore AND she can SING!) Then I switched back and forth between the Food Network and the top 20 countdown of music videos, which, I discovered gets repeated on both CMT and GAC throughout the morning. Okay, time for the History channel, which was featuring “Lost Civilizations” starting with the Hittites. That kept me in the chair until it was time to switch to the radio for the Nebraska Cornhusker football fiasco.

Okay, time to abandon the tv & radio and go out to my little workshop to sew. Finished up a back for a quilt, which ate up the rest of the afternoon, but it’s still raining and there’s not really time to start a new sewing project, so it’s back to the house, the chair and where’s the remote?

Now it’s Monday, back to work. Still no computer.

And it’s still raining.


Joe B said...

That's why the birth rate was much higher in the 1800's.

Janell said...

I've always wondered about this: On the American frontier, living in 1 or 2 room soddies and log cabins, how did they get so many children conceived after they were sharing close quarters with the first one... or two... or six or seven...?

LaDawn said...

DP gets my vote!

And I suspect people were VERY quiet in those days...and quick.

Janell said...

How about this: "Dolly for President! Her brain is even bigger than her boobs!"

Sue said...

I'm starting to feel a little stiff. Is it rigor mortis or rust from all the wet weather?

Myrnagj said...

I like Al Gore and admire what he has been doing. I don't think he should be president.
I think Doris Lessing deserved the award. I like her writing. I've been reading her Martha Quest series.
I like some of DP's songs but don't care much for her. I've not listened enough to know anything about her brain. Is it as real as her boobs?

LaDawn said...

Myrna - Maybe I read the wrong Lessing book! If you can recommend one specifically, I'll give her another go.

Anonymous said...

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