Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Husker volleyball players are REALLY tall. We were part of a record crowd attendance for a regular season game: 13,081.

And Emily did it all on crutches. She was pretty well wiped out by the time we got back to the vehicle. We had tickets on the main floor of the arena; 4 rows from the court. We even had to duck a few times from a stray ball. But, since the ticket takers at the Qwest Center send you UP to the second floor to take the stairs DOWN to the main floor of the arena, that meant she had many, many stairs to negotiate. But we had fun joining in all the cheers for Sara Paven (6’5”), Jordan Larsen (Her mom was a classmate of Randy’s) and Kori Cooper (COO-O-O-O-O-O-OOper) as well as GO BIG RED! at every opportunity. Football may never be the same. Those carnivorous VB players are giving Bill Callahan a run for his money! Of course, it was a three game sweep over the Penn State Nittany Lions.

I also noticed some new artwork outside the Qwest Center that looks like it was done by the same artist who developed the “Monument to Labor” that I posted pics of a while back. I’ll head back down there with my camera for a future posting.

And speaking of computers… (last time)
Mary, I remember when you used to watch me at my sewing machine and you’d say, “I’ll buy one as soon as they start making them where you can feed the pattern and fabric in at one end the finished garment comes out the other…” Well, get out your checkbook, it’s almost there! Pfaff makes a computerized quilting machine (long arm) that remembers the pattern you quilt on the first row and automatically repeats it until you tell it to do something different. And the embroidery machines they have out now… I would never have to pick up a needle and floss again! Okay, it’s not quite what you described back in the old days, but how far away can it be?

And LDCP, I may not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future, so I’m not worried - just awed (or perhaps odd?)

And just one more little pun for the day – I heard a man on the radio today say, “I am not deterred…” I guess he won’t be needing de toilet paper, will he?


Mary Connealy said...

I am proud to say I had to read your pun eight times before I got it.

I love those volleyball players. Jordan Larson graduated from Logan View and she was playing when Shelly was...I think a junior and senior. We went to that game and I am telling you I just kept saying, "Who is that girl?"
She was a freshman the first time I saw her and she was just DOMINATING that whole game. Spiking from the back row, flying all over that court. Absolutely stunningly, undeniably, phenomenally talented. I love seeing her on the court.
Shelly is proud to say, "Yeah, Jordan Larson almost took my head of with a volleyball once."
A brush with greatness.

Sue said...

I wish they would televise more of the girls games.
I went to Abby's freshman game last night. It is amazing how far they have come since 5th grade.
As for the puns - "groan." I will add one.
When you go to kiss your honey
and your nose is kind of runny
you may think it's kind of funny,
but it's not.

LaDawn said...

ROFL....you are in a fine mood. And you are FUNNY!!!!