Friday, September 28, 2007

Is there a better place to live in Autumn than the Midwest US?
I don’t think so.
Every color God ever invented is showing up in the countryside.
Lawns are still deep green. Trees are showing variations of red, gold, yellow, orange. My roses and zinnias (Mom would appreciate this) are still blooming, so their blooms add white, coral, red, etc. Sunflowers contribute great showers of deep yellow to the roadsides. The tomato, pepper and egg plants in my garden are adding yet more shades of red, green and purple to the landscape. (Gosh, I’m going to miss my fresh eggplant.)
Today was one of those perfect days. Warm and sunny.
Some Autumn days are weird – like when it’s cold in the shade and hot in the sun? That’s what I call ‘jacket losing weather.’ I lost a great flannel lined denim jacket about 10 years ago and I still miss it. I had to wear it in the cool morning, but then it warmed up. I left it where ever I went that day. It was several days before I needed it again, so I don’t remember where I left it. So sad.
Some days I run the heater in the pickup on the drive to work in the morning and the air conditioner in the afternoon on the way home.
We try to leave the house thermostat alone until it’s unbearably cold (below 55 F in the house) in the mornings.
A cool kitchen can really get one moving in the morning.
Did I mention we’ve had a most beautiful harvest Moon shining this week? When I got up in the morning for the past 3-4 days, it was as bright and clear as daylight. As the moon was setting in the west, the sun was coming up in the east. I’m not sure that happens at any other time of year in this area. I’ll be watching.
Happily, I’ll be able to check in tomorrow – Saturday – which I wasn’t able to do until we got our satellite. I still find it miraculous that they let ordinary citizens own satellites! And now we have two!
Then again on the other hand, why shouldn’t we?


barabas said...

Tied to my chicago post and your car heater/ac comment I am so unprepared.

When we live in Chi, I had an A4, Quattro Drive, heated seats and cold weather package.

Down here, I bought a Bright Red A4, front wheel drive, no heated seats or anything. I've had it for 13 months and the heat has never been used. This should be interesting.

That being said, I miss the color changes of the fall and ironically I miss the really really cold weather too. I would love running throught the snow, almost as much as I like a good run in the extreme heat of South Florida.

PS. I know that Jacket, I think I saw it somewhere.

Janell said...

I hope you don't have to find out the heater isn't working the first time you REALLY need it! And where's my jacket?? Do you have it??

LaDawn said...

The autumn colours & the nip of the night and morning air makes me feel so alive. It reminds me that life is a cycle. I met my husband in Autumn and got married in Autumn. My wedding photos have leaves all around our feet. I love the season.