Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome back Joe!
I posted the following back in August in answer to your question, and then you disappeared. Thought I might put it up again for you now that you're back. Also, please give us your thoughts on the question "Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?"

It’s all relative – for Joe

LaDawn and Stephanie are the daughters of my husband’s first cousin, Smitty. I was not very well-acquainted with these two cousins-in-law of mine until I got hooked on blogging. Their Grandmother, whom I call Aunt Joyce, was my late father-in-law’s sister.
Brooke is the daughter of another one of my husband’s first cousins. Brooke is close in age to my daughter, Emily, and they were in dance class together for a while.

My grandfather, TW Gatewood, was a thoroughbred race horse owner/trainer and Smitty rode (and won) for him numerous times back in the 60s. Of course, none of us knew each other back then, especially since LDCP & Stephanie had not been born yet and I didn’t meet my husband until 1976.

Myrna, Sue, Shirley and I are sisters. We share a blog: The Gatewood Family News – and they each have one as well. We also have a brother, but he does not have a computer at the moment. We lost our other brother to a heart attack in ’91.
Tammie and Cindy – “cdroses” – are my nieces. BTW, they have a brother named Joe, but he doesn't blog that I know of. They are Sue’s daughters.
Mary Connealy, who visits here once in a while, is an old friend of mine from way back BK (before kindergarten). We graduated high school together. She blogs at Real Life Petticoat Ranch. Coincidentally, the high school sweetheart she married is my cousin.
Iris, who checks in occasionally, is also a fellow high school classmate of Mary’s and mine.
Did I leave anyone out?


barabas said...


Thank you very much for re-posting that. I am sorry I missed the original post, but August got a little crazy for me (I had to go to Buenos Aires and then MX City). At any rate, I am honered by your re-post and it actually all makes sense.

Its absolutely fascinating how people are all related / intertwined and how/ where relationships and bonds form. I believe art imitates life and visa versa. The only thing I'd add to that would be the following.

Stephanie is friends with Leah and obvioiusly sisters with LA Dawn. I met Adrian Herrera back in October of 1998, from OfficeMAX. I left OMX in 99 and shortly there after Adrian moved to Colorado. After he moved to Colorado I moved to Chicago.

Adrian, visited my house for New Years of 2004 and brought his new girl friend Leah. We had an absolute Blast (Despite her being a flaming lib and got into political discussions with my conservative friends at a new years party).

Adrian purchased Leah's engagement ring through my wife Heather that week, he was engaged shortly there after and married her.

They honored me by asking me to be Max's god father. In order to do so, I had to get confirmed as a catholic. I took the classes, in the middle of transferring from Chicago to South Florida. I actually flew back to Chi for my classes every week.

I owe Max a lot, because I became closer to god because of him.

I began visiting Casa Herrera back in early Feb. From there I met LA and then stephanie, but from the Clare-Penton Family Blog I met Janelle. So here I am!!

I was trying to figure out a clever way to insert Rush Limbaugh into the last post, but I couldn't. Oh well...:-) Now I am moving back to Chicago in Jan. Which should be a lot of fun moving in the middle of the winter.

barabas said...

One more item on my disappearance, I will tend to do that from time to time. Its a function of my job, so please don't take it personally. :-)

LaDawn said...

The world get smaller and smaller. I love that it has brought us all together.

Janell said...

Good luck with your relocation to Chicago - I really want to visit there someday: the Sears Tower and Navy Pier. I tried for Cubs tickets for our weekend in Illinois, but the price was too high for hubby's liking. That's okay, tho. We would have missed the Abe Lincoln museum if we'd gone to a baseball game.

Stephanie said...

Also, Joe and I walked together in Leah and Adrian's wedding. As you can see, I made a smashing impression on him. Stephanie

barabas said...

Stephanie, you are right. I have to see if I can dig up a picture. I can't remember what you look like.

barabas said...

Chicago is great. My wife, Heather, is actually more excited about the move back north than I am. I wanted to stay down for atleast another year.

I really like it down here. Furtunately, I get to stay here til the end of the year. Unfortunately that means we move up north in Jan.

Adrian, Leah and Max will be down here around Thanksgiving / Christmas and will see what I feel in love with.

Janell said...

Joe & Steph - I'll bet it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I know you'll enjoy your visit with casa Herrera.