Saturday, January 09, 2010

So close...

Cliff once told the story of the time he was in college and took part in a 750 voice choral and orchestra presentation of Handel’s Messiah. He said he was pretty sure there were a few measures during the Hallelujah Chorus when all he could do was just stand there and listen. I can only imagine how all that magnificent music sounded from within.

I went out around 5:30 this frigid morning (it was only -3 today at 5:30) to feed the horses, muck their stalls and de-ice their water. I’ve been doing this 5 times a day and twice a night since Wednesday and have yet to see or hear any traffic either on our road, which is drifted shut, or on the paved road ½ mile away, which is also drifted shut, right at our corner. (Yes, directions to our house include the phrase, “Turn off the blacktop…”) The only sounds that I’ve encountered on these adventures through the storm to the barn have been howling winds and the crunching of my boots on the show.

On my way back to the house, much to my surprise and delight, I heard the sound of a snow plow off in the distance. He was so far away I couldn’t even see his familiar flashing lights. But I could clearly hear the sound of his blade scraping on the pavement and the “beep beep beep” when ever he had to back up. All I could do was just stand there and listen… while the opening measures of the Hallelujah Chorus began to run through my head. The music, however, faded away when I realized the snow plow was moving away from me.



Paul Nichols said...

Yowee!! I read all your posts back to the 'peace prize' one. You're going through it, aren't you? I thought we had it bad around here. But no...we only have a foot of snow still on the ground. And those snow plows are such a big irritation when they get out ahead of me. Well, there ya' go; another lesson learned. There are always people who have it worse than me.

You have a good attitude.

But you put up some great photos. I like the horses, horsin' around. I'm impressed with your barn and am here to plead with you to let me have a copy for my Barn Folder. Sometime this coming year I want to post My Barns, My Fences and My Church Steeples. Of course, I'll give you full credit. I can give a link to your site, too, if you want.

By the way, April is not my daughter. She got her talent and good looks from someone else.
Thank you for the kind words about "Seven Blocks." I appreciate them.

Now here's a site I know, know, know you'll enjoy. When you get there, click the Paintings tab.

It's good to see you blogging again. Hope you're dug out pretty soon.

Sue said...

Hope by now you are dug out. There is a thing as to much togetherness :).

Your BIL got home last night and today we went to Lincoln to visit his brother. Roads were ok, but other drivers are still nuts.

Ralph said...

That snow plow may have been going away from you but the fact that you heard it means the snow plows are out. One will find you.
Hang in there.

Jim said...

Janell, do you know why they put those back-up noises on the plows?

There was this blonde who followed the snow plow all around the WalMart parking lot. Her dad told her if she ever got lost in a blizzard just follow the snow plow.
One day the snow plow backed up and killed the blonde. So the noises.

I think it is warmer now, it is here. I had an icicle where the faucet dripped the other night. That is cold.

Cliff said...

Jim shouldn't be allowed. Sometimes.
Quite a winter for us, eh J?
I guess all we can do is decide to try and wear it out. So we shall.

shelbs87 said...

I am assuming since you posted this 11 days ago that your driveway & road are no longer drifted shut & that wonderful snowplow eventually came your way!! :)

Is it Spring yet???? :)