Thursday, January 28, 2010

Half of the SunDogs

Our driveway.

We're out! WOOHOO!

Actually, we got dug out on Sunday the 10th. We'd gotten stranded on the 6th.
Then we got stranded by and ice storm on the 20th, but that was only for one day. Our power went out for about 4 hours on the 21st.

AND... we got a new furnace.

Very cold today (high of 14) but very sunny. We've had clouds and fog ten days straight, so just seeing the sun warmed my heart.

Life is good.


Shirley said...

These are great photos -- no need for you to rush to go digital.

Ralph said...

Those are great picture Janell. Glad you got out. Glad you got a new furnace.

shelbs87 said...

i missed the sun too!!!! I'm so glad its back!! Hopefully people will be a little less cranky now!! :)

Sue said...

The sun dogs I saw just before we went into the deep freeze were the brightest ones I have ever seen. Unfortunatly I didn't get a picture of them. Nice pics.

Janell said...

Shirleybob; Thanks! I am very comfortable with my 35 mm and will probably stay with it for a long time. I borrowed Emily's digital and had some fun with it, but the results were less than they would have been with my good old Pentax.

Thanks, Ralph! I suspect you have your (un)fair share of the white stuff out there, too.

Shelbs; Yes, I noticed it at the store on Wed. Everyone was a lot more lighthearted and smiling.

Sue; I've seen more Sun Dogs this year than any other time I can remember. I've been watching for Northern Lights, too. I wouldn't be surprised to see some this year. Would definitely have to have digital to capture them in a photo.

Jim said...

Janell, you live is such a pretty winter wonderland! I am glad though, that it is up there and not here.
BTW, on Jan 28 my dad would have been 100 years old. He died at 97. I think you knew him?

Cliff said...

Hi J,
I've gotten to the point where I am no longer impressed with pictures with that ugly white stuff in them. :)
Your lane looks like it could be a problem.
There is nothing so calming as knowing you have a new furnace, is there?

Paul Nichols said...

I've been cranky lately because here comes winter again. I'm gonna bite my tongue after seeing your neighborhood. And no furnace? Yikes! God bless you all.

shelbs87 said...

I totally might have to take you up on that offer sometime! I am so tired of being in the stupid city :(

Rachel said...

Our little pitiful snow is nothing compared to what you have had to endure!! It's beautiful though! I'm glad you got a new furnace! With all that cold weather that is definitely a plus!!

The horses look like they are enjoying the snow!

Peter said...

Just my 2 cents worth on film/digital photography, any halfway decent digital camera made in the last 12 months or so should give you at least as good a result as your Pentax (which I am assuming is probably an SLR) now if you compare apples with apples a digital SLR will give you superb results!!!! AND free you from the constraints of film cost/developing cost/and delay in seeing your results. Just think... hundreds of photosat no extra cost and print as many or as few as you choose too.
End of sales pitch!