Monday, January 04, 2010

Snow pictures from Nebraska:

The Place - we were stranded here at home from Wednesday through Sunday.

The back yard. This drift is about 6 feet high. It hasn't shrank an inch since it landed.

The horses were glad to get out of the barn when it finally stopped snowing. They were inside for three days.

I think the final tally here was about 14 inches fell from December 23-26. The high winds made travel impossible until Sunday the 27th. More snow and expected on Wednesday the 5th, followed by below zero highs for several days.


Myrnagj said...

Thanks for more snow pictures. Those horse photos are great. I remember being snowed in a couple of times on the farm.

Cliff said...

Great pics. Looks cold in your part of the world. :)
We drove around the eastern part of Burt County yesterday and it's pretty clear that a day of high winds will block us in for days, regardless of whether we have snow with the wind or not.

Sue said...

Love the horse pictures.

The snow keeps coming so often it doesn't have time to turn to Snirt (dirty snow) it just stays white. Makes for good pictures, but is a pain in the neck. Literally, my neck and shoulders hurt from running the blower.

shelbs87 said...

Your horses look like they were having a blast finally being free!! :) Miss ya, Janell-Janell!! :)

Ralph said...

Great pictures - I got cold just looking at them.

Janell said...

Thanks, Myrna.

Cliff; I hope you're staying home today!

Sue; I had never heard of snirt before! LOL We're getting hammered with wind again today, as I'm sure you are, too.

ShelbyShelby! Good to hear from you! We miss you, too. I hope everything's going well for you.

Ralph; I'll be getting some more freezing pictures today, no doubt.

Jim said...

Hi Janell, I really am glad that you got stranded. I do believe you are working your life away. This way you had some time to post, thank goodness that the lights stayed on.

I really do appreciate your pictures. they remind me of the Nebraska 'blizzard of 1949' a lot.
That time we had snow so bad that the only way we could get out of our house was for Dad to walk out the top window onto the porch roof and dig his way down.
The path to our house was as high as the roof on the porch!!

Peter said...

Hi Janell, first up, any friend/neighbor of Cliff's is a friend of mine.
second up, you can have that snow all to yourselves, I'll just keep complaining about how hot it is here.
third up, I didn't know which of your blogs to visit so I started at the top, you will no doubt get my comment about your shepherds pie recipe, don't worry its half in fun!!
fourth up, you asked about snow in Australia, there is a mountain range (more like a range of hills in most parts) that runs from North to South along our East coast, at the Southern end (are you confused yet?) of this range we have the only reliable snowfields on the mainland, these are confined to the higher slopes and mainly to winter although in the high country its possible to get a snow storm even in mid summer.
None of our cities and VERY few of our rural towns get regular snow falls and beyond the need to use "chains" on your vehicle wheels when you visit one of the many ski resorts in that high country very few Australians would be familiar with the situation you find yourselves in annually.
fifth up, thanks for the visit, call in anytime.

Shirley said...

Great winter shots! Love the red barn one! People are putting up signs in their snow piles down here that say "Free Snow".

Janell said...

Jim; it hasn't come to climbing out an upstairs window... yet!

Peter; Thanks for your visit here. I have always had a keen interest in anything Australian - I ride in an Australian saddle, which I find EXTREMELY more comfortable than the traditional American western one. Australia sounds like a beautiful place to live and work. After this year, I'm ready to move to a more temperate clime.

Janell said...

Shirl; Are you able to get out and around? According to the newscasts it looks like most of the Big O streets are getting cleared in good time. I'd be nervous about going on I80, tho.

Shirley said...

I80 has been fine for the longest time. Many, many residential streets are still just one open lane and a big messy parking lane. Some streets have a lane and a half and tons of snow. Main streets are pretty good. 42nd Street is only 3 lanes instead of 4, but in some areas people try to make it a tight 4 lanes. And Bob thinks they forgot where they put their sand pile.