Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Just some pickled beets I made last year.

I used a recipe from my Grandma's cookbook, which was published in the 1930's.

They turned out really yummy.

Do you have a "Grandma" recipe that you use?

Now I have a confession to make; I've been taking you all to work with me. Ralph sent me one of his books Homespun Headlines 2007. I've been taking it with me and visiting with you during my break.

I hope coming to work with me isn't making you tired.

And here is a picture the man himself inspired:

Pretty cool, huh?


Scarlet said...

Cool pics. The only granny recipe I have is for flan, a Spanish dessert resembling vanilla custard.

Btw, I'd love to see my name written in the snow like that...in Miami. (Wouldn't that be a hoot??)

cdroses said...

Nice beets! Mom would like those, I'm sure. It has been a very long time since I've made it, but "Punch cake" is a Grandma recipe. I do have the Methodist Church cookbook, which Grandma contributed a few recipes to.

Mary Connealy said...

I think of my grandma when I see pickled beets and bread and butter pickles.

And the car fits for Ruby Tuesday, too.

Ralph said...

I love pickled beets and have been making a lot of them here lately. I don’t have any of my Grandma’s recipes but sure do remember her cooking. Including the time she used oatmeal as a thickening agent in chili.
Glad you received the book. Not sure I like going to work with you though – never did care much the swing shift.
Just looking at that picture makes me cold.

Sue said...

Our adopted Gramma Mabel made the best dill pickles. She also made Swedish Rye bread that I have tried to make. It is close, but not as light.

Marla said...

I really like beet pickles! I have never made them . Mom used to make them once in awhile.