Sunday, December 14, 2008

Footprints identified:

#1 Paridae parus atricapillus (chickadee)
#2 Lapine (Rabbit)
#3 Homo Sapiens (Janell, to be specific.)
#4 Equine. This one might have been more obvious if I had included the lens cap in the picture so you could see how big and far apart they were.
#5 Feline (Pierre.)

This is Pierre, author of the aforementioned footprints. Sadly, this is his last photo. He died Friday, December 12. We had him (or, more likely, he owned us for about 10 years) His footprints are also on our hearts. May he rest in peace.


Ralph said...

Sorry to hear about Pierre.

shelbs87 said...

Aww! Pierre is so cute!! It's so sad that he died... :(

Shirley said...

Real Shirley here -- so sorry about the cat.

Pam W. said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. Atleast you got some good last pictures of him and even his footprints! We lost our beloved "Puss-Puss" 2 years ago in October. He was a part of our family for 15 years! Pets are sure hard to lose :(

Janell said...

Thanks for your sympathy, everyone. I've ascertained that when you lose a pet, you lose a relationship. And that brings on just as much mourning as any oher los.