Friday, December 12, 2008

f-Stop Friday
in the snow:






Can you name the species?


Ralph said...

# 1 is a turkey # 3 a person. Right?

Scarlet said...

The first two are a bird and a raccoon...and is that last one a kitty or a mouse? Hmm.

Shirley said...

Are the last ones those of the cats? (No fair - you got snow and we didn't.)

Cliff said...

#3 is a pair of your old sneakers left outside.
#4 is a rooster pheasant.
I don't like snow. Can we find something else to occupy our time.
Holy Cow Janell. We've got 14 degrees right now on it's way to zero. Better go ahead and shut that north window all the way.

Janell said...

Good guesses, Ralph! You'd have gotten #1 right if I'd included a size comparison. They're way too small for a turkey.

Scarlet; yes! #1 is a bird and #4 is a kitty. Pretty good guesses for a Floridian who never sees footprints in the snow.

Bob (who posts as "Shirley"); We'll send some snow your way pronto.

Cliff; we are now at minus 2. I got the window shut, but the curtains are still waving around. Can you get that wind turned down from up there in your direction? ps: can you email me a copy of the poem "The Man From Snowy River"?