Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wednesday at Hy Vee is Senior Citizen's Discount Day. We are not allowed to give them discounts on cigarettes or liquor, so we enter the discount before scanning either of these items.
Now here's the "duh." After I hit the discount key and the Senior Discount is calculated, I pick up the liquor and scan it. The computer then prompts me to check their id.

Here's another one. A couple came into my line with a cart load of prepackaged, frozen, fully prepared heat & eat boxed dinners and entrees. Absolutely nothing fresh; not even cereal. I asked them if they wanted paper or plastic. They produced 4or 5 reusabe canvas bags and replied, "Use these. We don't approve of plastic."
Apparantly they have nothing against cardboard.

More stories strolling through my ine every day. I'll check back in with you on the weekend!


cdroses said...

That is too funny to give a Sr. discount, then ask for an ID for alcohol!
My guess is cardboard can be recycled, but plastic can not be. I too have 4 of the re-use bags. The problem with them is they are usually in the car or at home, when I am in the store. (working on that though)

Myrnagj said...

I'll bet those frozen entrees have a plastic cover over the plastic dish inside. The reusable bags are a good start for them.

I use a variety of bags for my groceries. My coop gives me five cents for every bag I use. The super markets ask me five times if I want a bag for 2 items.

IKEA and COSTCO charge for each plastic bag you use.

Have you heard of the Carbon Diet?

Janell said...

cd; I find myself getting annoyed with the reusable bags because they collapse when I stand them up to fill them. But, whenever I drive past the Wal Mart, I know they are a good thing. The landscape around there is totally littered with plastic bags blowing around. I think plastic is recyclable? Our county recycling center accepts all kinds of plastics. Maybe not bags, tho. I guess I should check.

Myrna; you're right, those frozen dinners are loaded with more plastic than they are food! I'm sure this couple is intelligent enough to figure this out eventually. Maybe I should point out the meat dept. and the produce section for them...? No I haven't heard of the Carbon Diet. What is that?

Ralph said...

Everybody thinks they are helping the environment but an example our neighbor use those recyclable bags but triple bags his veg's first in plastic bags (no I don't know why). Another likes to walk to the liquor store but refuses to recycle aluminum.
I have a feeling your new job will give you a lot of good story material.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you go ahead and ask those seniors for their ID. I think that would make their day!! Or maybe when they got out to their car, they'd say, "Boy that checker isn't very bright."


Happy Easter greetings to you and your family!!
Have a Cadbury Egg or two or three...

Scarlet said...

How funny that they get the sr. discount and carded at the same time! ;) They'd probably be flattered if you asked them for ID. I know I'm still thrilled when that happens (rarely, but it happens).

Janell said...

Ralph - I know what you mean. People are so funny when they are self-contraditory. You're right that I now have an unlimited supply of story material. I have a sad one to blog about next.

JD; Every once in a while, if it's someone I'm familiar with, I'll jokingly ask for an ID and we share a laugh. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are getting into their cars thinkng, "That checker isn't very bright"! (I'm pretty slow, to be honest. If you're in a hurry, don't come to my line!)

Scarlet; The last timeI was carded I was in my 40s. I don't think it was because I looked young, but the fellow was just being thorough. I told him to put himself dow for a raise! Enjoy it while you can. Next time, just for fun, maybe you should pretend you really are too young to buy and just walk away in a huff, muttering that you don't have your id with you. That could make a good blopost!

LaDawn said...

ROFL! Keep the funnies coming!

Mary Connealy said...

My neice worked in a HyVee for a while when she was pretty young like 18 or 19. She couldn't ring up alcohol. She had to call in a manager.
She also couldn't ring up ... oddly enough ... margarita salt.
It was listed as alcohol and she had to call the manager. :)

And my daughter Shelly, who is 25? Always gets carded, especially at HyVee. Especially when she's with her husband, who is 27. She said it just happens all the time, they'll look at her, then at him, then act like they're SAVING her from this corrupting influence. She says their pretty brusque a lot of the time, demanding her ID.
You know, what's the rule about standing BESIDE someone else while that someone else is buying beer?
Anyone know?
Could they really refuse to sell alcohol to a 27 year old man if Shelly was only 20?
Is that the law?
What if he was 27 and she was 7, like her father? Would they refuse then?
Anyway, it makes her crazy.
I just tell her, NOBODY EVER cards me, ever. It's better to be carded.