Friday, March 28, 2008

Cliff has a good post about the grocery checkout line from the customer's point of view.


Mary Connealy said...

Hey, I know how to insert a live link into a blog post AND a comment.


It's the first thing in my life I've ever known before someone else...uh, assuming someone here doesn't know it.

Forget it.

Mary Connealy said...

Also, you need to come and check out this blog today. I found this blog written by an Iowa Dairy Farmer's wife and it's got the most amazing photographs on it. I think of you, Janell, when I see her pictures.

Midlife by Farmlight

Cliff said...

Ahhh, thanks for the mention janell. Very nice.

Janell said...

OK,Matry. Email me step by step instructions on how to do a live link. I'v tried several times and never gotten it t work.

Janell said...

I meant MARY not Matry...

You're welcome Cliff. I liked your story.

Jamie Dawn said...

I just read Cliff's post again, and read my comment to him from way back then.
It's a funny post!

Scarlet said...

I haven't been to Cliff's in a while. I'll pop in now. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Paul said...

I vaguely remember that. Thanks for the re-laugh.

Jim said...

Hey Janell, I was here last week but didn't make a sound. Sneaked in and out!
Yes, I did read Cliff's old blog again. I'll bet it was real relevant to you now in your new endeavor.
[I disagree with him sometimes, 'cause I'm more liberal. I would allow 20 items per person. So a lady with four kids could get 50 items through the Express Line!]

Aren't you sharp, while I was sleeping even! "Erin go Bragh!"
Do you know the Irish language or did you do like I do and look up some phrases?

Janell said...

JD; I thoroughly enjoyed Cliff's Theological application to the grocery check out line.

Scaret - thanks! Yes, I had a good Sunday. I think you did, too.

Paul; you're welcome! Thanks for your visits.

Jim; No,I don'tknow the Irish language. I claim Irish decent from my Grandma on my Dad's side. She was a Connealy, descended from John Eddie, who came here in the mid 1800s with his two brothers and Dad from County Cork. I can't even remember how I knew the phrase Erin Go Bragh. I'm looking forward to virtually traveling the Emerald Isle with you.