Thursday, August 23, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night…

...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on and so on. Spectacular thunderstorms moving through our area – more like spring than late summer.

I drove Emily down to UNO yesterday to give her a hand buying her books for the new term. Looking at her schedule, I see that she is going to be taking a History class from one of the Profs I had when I was there. (William Pratt). On the way back to the vehicle, guess who we passed on the sidewalk? Dr. Pratt, of course. I didn’t talk to him tho, I doubt if he remembers me – that was 15 years and thousands of students ago.
Walking around on the campus in the late summer made me want to sign up for classes – anything for a change of pace! Seems like when the weather changes, I want to change something in my life as well.

Since we are going to Crystal’s wedding, I probably won’t be able to go on River City Roundup this year. That’s disappointing, but at least I get a road trip to Illinois out of the deal. The Petersburg ride is this weekend, but I don’t think I’ll make it to that one either. I’m missing out on my favorites, but my saddle club is going to Indian Cave Park in September for an overnighter, so at least I’ll get to do that. Then there’s Weekend at Bernie’s in October. I like that one because it’s only about a half hour drive from home – it’s by Summit Lake near Tekamah. I missed that one last year because of my broken wrist.

I miss LaDawn. This blogosphere just isn’t the same without her.

The Carson cookbook is nearing completion as far as typing up new recipes. It’s at 127 pages so far. I got a huge response this time. I got some good stories, too so that will add another number of pages. I wish I could add pictures, but don’t have the scanner/printer equipment to get good copies. Maybe next time. It looks like I’ll make my August 31 self-imposed deadline. And I have managed to kitchen test several of the new recipes, including Toad in the Hole, Grandma Mary Lou’s Potato Soup, and Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches, so far. And it’s ALL good! And if you are a Carson and will be getting one of the books, you might note that if I typed “Bake at 45 degrees for 400 minutes,” it was probably a dyslexic moment and it should say “Bake at 400 for 45 minutes…” But I guess you’ll figure it out.

My radio station office (KBLR 97.3) took a direct lightening hit Monday might and almost ALL of their equipment was “fried to a crisp” according to JD, my Producer. This is the office where I go to tape “Country Bible Church on the Air in Blair.” When I went in yesterday for taping, there were a lot of radio engineers and computer techs running around. Their sister station –KHUB 1340 AM- is a talk radio station that I listen to in the mornings. They haven’t been doing their regular broadcasts all week. They hope to get it back up and running by the end of the week.


Brooke said...

Hope the soup turned out good. I love grandma's soup the second day. My boyfriend doesn't like the soup. Can't wait to get the cookbook.

Mary Connealy said...

You probably know all about college by now, but tell Emily if she buys a book with a CD in it
1) she'll never use the CD
2) SAVE the CD and don't open it because the book can't be resold without it, and unopened.
Katy bought a couple of her books on Amazon this year and saved some money. They're still staggering, the cost

Janell said...

Brooke, the soup was FABULOUS! We all loved it. I'll probably make that one as my main potato soup from now on. I'm going to try it in my outdoor Dutch oven next time I go camping.

Mary, I don't think she got any cd's this time around, but there was one that she had to get for a music class that she actually used. She still gets it out and listens to it once in a while. Since they are both majoring in writing, Jack & Em have shared books quite a bit, which helps a lot.

LaDawn said...

I'm back and glad to see I was missed. I'm writing the updates just as fast as I can....this is going to take some long nights what with the pics and all!

I am soooo looking forward to getting my version of the cookbook!

LaDawn said...

PS I used to love buying my books at college. And getting those class syllabi. And imaging all I was going to know when I got the end of all those books! So much opportunity. So much knowledge. Makes me want to go back to school! OK, not that much!