Monday, August 06, 2007

Doing better

Thank you all for your prayers. The answers just keep coming.
Emily is feeling better this morning, but had a pretty rough weekend. She’s on three different meds and it’s keeping her stomach unsettled and she gets light headed when she has to get up and move around. She stays put most of the time, dividing her time between our bed and the recliner in the living room with an occasional visit to the Necessary. We changed the bandage yesterday, which was a bit of an ordeal – made her break out in cold sweat.

There is a tiny bit of humor in every situation. When Emily was at the Blair emergency room with Jack, Randy got called at work and met them there. Randy’s sister, Kathy, works at the hospital so she somehow got the news that Em was there and stopped in to see how she was doing. While Kathy was there, Randy almost fainted and had to be put on a bed. Kathy said, “He’s a ‘thumper.’”
Randy tells me it was the sight of Emily’s sliced up shoe that did it to him this time. He said they had told him over the phone that Emily was “OK” and when he saw what was left of the shoe, he thought, “This isn’t what ‘OK’ looks like,” and then things started going dark.
I remember a time we were visiting Randy’s mom in the hospital a long time ago and he and his sister, Linda, had to leave the room and sort of sat themselves down on the floor in the hallway and put their heads between their knees until the urge to faint passed.

On another subject, the Carson Cookbook is coming along nicely. I spend every spare minute at home typing, copying the recipes out of the old one and adding the new ones. We are an extraordinary family of culinary artists! I must add that I’m often mortified as I run across typos in the old one that I overlooked before. I promise to be more careful with this one. I have a captive proofreader with Emily laid up for awhile. Jack is also keeping an eye on things for me, watching over my shoulder while I type whenever he passes by. Also, I’ll be typing on it for at least another two weeks, so it’s not too late to send me recipes or stories.

I hope to get the picnic pictures up soon!


Sue said...

Glad Emily is feeling better and continues to heal with no complications.

LaDawn said...

Phew - Emily will be up and about in no time! Make sure she keeps taking the meds. Her body needs time to heal. Sleep is good.

The funniest typo in the old version is that you used to have my name as Clare Panton.....that crcked me up! You must have wondered who the heck is that?!?!?!

I am so excited about the next version of the cook book and am anxiously awaiting the picnic photos!

We are an amazing family full stop!

Janell said...

That Clare Panton goof - WHAT was I thinking? I'm surprised Aunt Joyce didn't make mention of it.

barabas said...

I am also releived!

somebody draw me a family tree please, how do you know each other?

Brooke said...

Glad to hear that Emily is doing better.